Things You Need to Know When Building a Social Media Team

If your business has grown to a size where going solo is what’s stopping it from further growing, you should definitely consider having a dedicated social media team. Now, I know it’s quite an investment. That’s why I’m going to provide you a few things you should consider to be certain that your team will help you succeed – not slow you down. So, without further ado, read the info below.

Things You Need to Know When Building a Social Media Team Things You Need to Know When Building a Social Media Team

Two Aspects to Consider to Create an Amazing Social Media Team

Know Your Situation – Wholeheartedly

You, as the owner, should know your status and progress of your business meticulously. If you really are dedicated to becoming successful, there is no reason not to know your situation. Here are three important elements that you should definitely know:

  • Budget
  • Time
  • Resources

When it comes to setting up a team, you should first know your budget. If your business can produce quite some money – good enough to hire at least two – then it should be a go signal for you. If your budget is still too tight, you should opt for one man to hire (part-time) if possible. As long as there is someone that can lighten the load, it still progresses. But you should always prefer the former.

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After you’ve assessed that you’re capable paying for a team, the next thing that you should think about is if you can allocate a time. This is crucial, especially in the first few months. It would be extremely risky not managing your social media team yourself for the first three months. You should have, at least, three hours to spare for your team and make sure they’re doing their jobs accordingly. You need to brief them not only about the product or service but as to how you want your audience to portray your brand.

Last but not least is if you have the resources. Though you can hire them remotely, or you need to have a workplace or better, an office. Not only will make this easier to manage, it will also provide better communication. Remember, better communication means better results.

If you have this ready, or you are capable of having this ready, then it simply means you are green to go.

Knowing Who to Hire

When it comes to building your social media team, you can’t just hire anyone. What you want is someone with experience (as much as possible). They don’t need to be professionals or experts (but hire one if you’ve got the means), they just need to be experienced and knowledgeable enough to be trainable.

Now, what experience do you need the most? Well, first of all, you need someone that can write the language and connect with your audience properly. Content should be delivered properly. There is nothing proper about writing content in German when my audience is English speaking individuals.

Another skill you should look for is management skills. Look for someone who can take care of your accounts. When taking care, it means that he can reply to comments, messages, and can even reach out to your audience on communities.

Last but not least is someone who can create images. It doesn’t need to a pro graphic designer, as long as he can do basic editing. I really believe that everyone can improve and learn. It’s best that you have a team that can grow with you. The only time that you’ll need a team of experts is when your business is big enough.

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