Social Media Strategy Tip: Changing Content Format

Perhaps, one of the most time-consuming things for any online entrepreneur is about how to improve their social media strategy and efforts. It’s not just a few hours of brainstorming and coming up with an idea; it’s more of a trial and error. This is why I’m around to help you lessen that time as I’ve completed the trial and error for you. Now, for this post, I’m going to share with you one tactic that can really draw attention from your audience and will spark this refreshment factor. Though it does take quite some time to do, but it guarantees results.

Social Media Strategy Tip- Changing Content Format

Social Media Strategy – Content Format Alteration

What I mean about content format change is very basic. The very process of just converting your written content into a video is one of the best examples. However, some people are stuck with this as they only think written copies to videos is the only way.

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Here are a few other conversions – written content to other formats – that you should definitely try:

  • Video – the most obvious one. But never take this for granted as it is also one of the most powerful in terms of gaining engagement on multiple platforms. You can try and upload a video directly from your blog and then share it your profile. Or, you can upload it directly to your profile. Facebook videos gain a lot of engagement when it comes to videos. So, instead of just writing a few instructional blogs from your website, why not make a video?
  • Ebooks – this one is more profitable. Ebooks, even though the content can be seen on the website, is still sellable simply because it’s in a more arranged manner or it has a sequence. This makes it easy for readers to learn rather than surfing the website’s blog. Let’s face it, if you want to learn social media marketing, go to a website that has the information about it. However, you’ll have a very hard time searching where to begin and what to learn next. But on ebooks, the first page is all you need.
  • Infographics – If your content can be crunched into a few words using bullets, then doing infographics is a great shot to try. Not only does it easily draw attention on almost every platform, it’s also very shareable as the image itself speaks.

Extra Tip

When it comes to converting or changing your content for your social media strategy, prioritize those that performed well. Opt for those that have been shared as a copy form as you’ll have a better success rate. They’ve proven themselves valuable already so it’s a safe shot and not a waste of your efforts.

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