Success Is When SEO and SMM Works Together as a Team

As a social media coach, my expertise is focused on social media marketing (SMM) and everything about social media. However, it does not mean that I’m no longer interested in search engine optimization (SEO). For bloggers, entrepreneurs, and everyone else who are earning money by means of having a website, SEO is just as important as SMM. That’s it is important to understand how both SMM and SEO works. Take note, what they truly provide you will help you produce your own tactics and methods that will suit best for your brand and niche.

Success Is When SEO and SMM Works Together as a Team Success Is When SEO and SMM Works Together as a Team

SEO Is the “What” in the Online World

The first thing that I’m going to discuss is how SEO affects you and everyone else. As we all know, almost everything can be now obtained over the internet – we all know “what” we want. With just a simple keyword entry on Google’s search box, you can see everything that’s available from that keyword.

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That aspect alone should give you the perspective. Insights that people are relying greatly on search engines to show them the products/service/info they wish to see. And being able to make sure that your blog gets a front row seat on Google’s search engine results page (SERPS) is like owning a store within the busy streets of New York.

The traffic you get is unimaginable if you rank number one – or just have a place on the first page – for any one-word keyword. Just think about owning a spot for the keyword “dog.” The people who are interested in dogs are countless. Anyone who visits your site can be a potential customer for dog products and everything about dogs.

The point is that you get to be seen by people who are sure about “what” they want. They want it, you have it. Therefore, you have traffic. And in any business, the real world or the internet world, traffic is money. Exposure is everything nowadays and SEO is the most powerful tool to give it to you. Unlike advertising where you spend a lot of money just to put you in the spotlight, organic SEO is about ten times stronger. That’s because it is a result of what people actually want and it doesn’t cost you anything once it’s established.

While SMM Is the “Why”

Now that you have people’s attention from being ranked favorably by search engines, you now need a reason for them to stay. The “why stay factor” is something that only SMM can truly provide. Why is social media the only one capable of letting your customers stick for a long time? The answer is simple. You get to connect with them and vice versa.

You can answer all the “whys” questions such as – why to choose you over brand x, why should you invest in your brand, why trust, and everything else why. Social media is able to answer all these in real time, though posts, updates, and live stream videos, which are quite a thing of today.

Once people discover your brand or business, SMM allows you to make them stick. And convince them to buy whatever you are selling. This is why SEO isn’t enough as the connection is just a quick glance. SMM allows you to remind them that you exist – tease them, convince them, and connect with them.

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