What Happens if Your Niche on Social Media Doesn’t Have a Community

One of the most interesting questions I’ve read from entrepreneurs who want to create their brand presence on social media is their concern for their niche’s community. Most of them are afraid to dip their toes in the waters. That’s because they think the number of audience in that particular niche isn’t enough. Or worse, there’s no proof if there even is a potential audience as there is no community present in the platform. So, what then?

What Happens if Your Niche on Social Media Doesnt Have a Community What Happens if Your Niche on Social Media Doesn't Have a Community

Build a Social Media Community on Your Own

Well, as surprising as the heading sounds, that’s actually the only way. If you think about it, Facebook now has about 1.8 billion monthly active users. With that number of people logging in every month, there’s bound to be a few thousand who are interested in your niche. The only challenge that you face now is how you start the community. Worry not as I’m here to guide you on that.

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Start a Fan Page

When I say a fan page, it’s a fan page and not your official brand or business page. Why you need to create a fan page is simply because you can post almost anything about your niche without harming your reputation and without limiting yourself.

Let’s take for example a jewelry niche. It isn’t popular and certainly, you won’t be seeing a lot of posts about gold and silver. But there are still people who love these kinds of valuables. If you’re just going to go ahead with your brand page, it’s not likely that people would love to engage. That’s because they’ll, of course, see it as a business page. Most of what you’ll be posting is your product. And these products might not have the best and most alluring images on the web.

Now, think about what you can do with a fan page about jewelry, you can post really slick and expensive pieces of jewelry such as crowns and tiaras that aren’t typically seen on most jewelry brand pages. Moreover, you can have as much casual conversation as you can and even encourage them to invite people who’re also interested. Once you’ve got this established, it’s time for the next level.

Create a Group

From there, those people who’re interested in that particular page are very likely to enjoy participating in a group. This time, it would be more like a group just to share their preference. As a moderator, you have the means to pin a post and control everything. It would be best to make it public and encourage members to invite people who are interested in your niche. You can even pin a post notifying them that they should, at least, recommend a friend to like the fan page and join the group.

This method will assure you growth. Though it’s certainly not going to be fast and it will take a long while to build, it does work. If you truly are pursuing a niche that has no records of having a community, this is the way to go. It’s a very slow process but it’s a very effective one and can gain a lot of potential in the long run.

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