What You Need to Know – Snapchat Emojis

We all use emojis to express our emotions when chatting, commenting, or posting something on the internet. However, Snapchat never fails to spice up things a little bit more. Have you ever wondered what the Snapchat emoji display on your friends’ name means? I’m sure most people will think of it as just random, but it has something more to it.

Snapchat Emojis for blog post


Each emoji shows a lot about your relationship with that certain friend. And, here’s what they mean:


Gold Heart

This emoji will only show up to the person you’ve sent and received the most“Snaps.” So, typically, it should be your best friend or your lover.

Red Heart

This means you’ve been recently having a lot of Snap exchange for the past two weeks and might be your new best friend.

Pink Hearts

The red heart should typically turn to pink when you’ve been continuing to exchange Snaps for two months.


This one tells you that you possibly share the same best friend outside of a common friend group – bad if it’s a lover. So, better look out and have a keen eye on this one.


This just shows you this is a person you’ve commonly exchanged messages, but not as often as your best friend.


This is quite the same as Grimace. However, this shows up to a friend,who has the same group as you. It just means you have the same best friends, and both of you are close.


This is, typically, a person who sends you a lot of snaps, but you don’t send him/her back. You can call this a one-way relationship, and simply, you are the taker – lucky you, I guess.


This means you have been sending out snaps for several days consistently every day. If you and your friend miss sending out one within 24 hours, your Snapstreak will break.


It is just an indicator that tells you, you are about to lose a Snapstreak (fire emoji) with someone.


This simply means you guys are new friends on Snapchat, and it is, hopefully, the start of a nice relationship.


It’s a person’s special day – a birthday.

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