Six Social Media Marketing Myths You Need to Know

Social media marketing has been proven to be an effective strategy to increase brand value over the years. Companies that are active on social networks have seen a significant boost in their sales rate through social media. Furthermore, corporations that advertise their products on their business profile on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter gain a higher level of exposure. And most of the time their goods become a trend. Such information has attracted both existing and emerging businesses to incorporate a similar type of marketing method.

However, it is essential to take note that this marketing strategy does not work like magic – it cannot provide instant brand visibility. Therefore, you need to know the six common myths on social media marketing.

Six Social Media Marketing Myths You Need to Know Six Social Media Marketing Myths You Need to Know

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Social media is business-optimized

Although social media is a great marketing tool, it’s mainly for socialization purposes. When you log in to your Facebook account, it’s not because you want to read advertisements and watch videos on new products. To connect with other people is your reason for logging in daily and the same goes for other users.

If you wish for your business to achieve success in social media, mind the preferences of your followers and keep them engaged with good quality contents.

Your follower count define your success

Your follower count can be used by potential customers to measure your credibility, but you can’t use it to measure your success. Some of your followers might miss your content, which can lead to little to no product awareness. Products with a low level of exposure are expected to provide low returns.

Post schedulers can disguise your activity

Ensuring a frequency of posts isn’t a worry for businesses anymore, thanks to post schedulers. These tools allow you to draft a content and schedule its publish date. It becomes convenient when you’ll be away for some time and won’t be able to update your business profile.

Although post schedulers ensure a frequency of posts for your profile, its impact is not that good in the long run. When you schedule contents for a month, chances are you won’t open the account and converse with your customers. The absence of owner-client interactions is one of the major reasons why businesses are forced to close down for good.

Social media is exclusive for teens

One of the misconceptions of social media is that it is only for youngsters and brands targeting middle-aged people won’t gain significant profit in investing in it. However, studies show that almost 40% of Facebook users are above the age of 35. Social media users are mostly in their middle years. Thus, it is not a futile effort to incorporate such marketing method for your business.

You just need to post quality content

No matter how good the quality of your content is, it won’t be of any help if it isn’t visible to other people. You have to promote your posts and make sure it is exposed to your target audience. A high-quality update can’t increase your sales rate if users don’t see them.

You must have an account on every platform

Even if you can reach a larger scope of users, it won’t be beneficial for your brand if they’re not your target customers. People who don’t belong to your chosen audience may not be interested in your business. Be active on social media platforms that have your target audience as the dominating users.



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