Making Money on Social Media Without a Thousand Followers

Social media can reach millions of people in just a few seconds after you share content. Such ability has made social media an important marketing channel in the business world. With its large influence, leading and emerging brands are willing to pay a relevant amount to digital influencers.
You can make a healthy living out of being an influencer, but what if you don’t have a massive following? Is it a reason for you to not venture into this business? Should you have millions of active followers to become an influencer? Not necessarily, in fact, you can earn money even with less than a thousand followers. Here are three ways for you to do that:

Making Money on Social Media Without a Thousand Followers Making Money on Social Media Without a Thousand Followers

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Start and continue to be authentic

87% of influencer-respondents of an influencer marketing survey say authentic content gives them the most benefits such as higher organic reach. If you’re going to be an influencer, choose to share content you’re passionate about. Even if others succeeded in posting about fashion, don’t follow them unless you’re genuinely interested in the same area.

By being authentic, your posts become more engaging due to your enthusiasm for the topic. Thus, your authenticity encourages your followers into action.

Show the value you can provide

Demonstrate the value you can provide to your clients by presenting a media kit. Instead of offering only a sponsored post, you can add a blog and video reviews of the company’s products. Media kits are an effective way to promote yourself as an influencer.

Make sure your media kit is appealing using good editing apps. If it is your first time creating a media kit, you can use Canva. This editor has free ready-made templates for you to use even for commercial purposes.

Join affiliate marketing programs

By signing up to be an affiliate, you are expected to promote your affiliated company’s products and services on your social media accounts. You share an affiliate link on your profile, and when your followers click on it and purchase the product, you earn a percentage of their payment.

Becoming an affiliate is one of the major starting points of successful digital influencers. But you need to select the appropriate company for your followers. If you’re endorsing beauty products and the dominant preference of your followers is traveling, you won’t earn anything because no one is interested enough to make a purchase.


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