Top 10 Ways To Save Time On Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing has never been a boring thing to do. Why? The answer is simple; you can earn a lot of money from doing it. And, since we’re talking about business, time speeds up tremendously – too fast that we all need to take action to slow it down. All savvy social media marketers know they need to master time management to get amazing results.

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Here are 10 of the best ways to save time on Facebook marketing.

1. Have a Permanent Time Schedule for Facebook

Just because it isn’t quite office work, you should just work on times like you feel like it. Have at least three to four hours – or even just an hour – to stick to and discipline yourself. Doing so will give you a sense of determination to do that task alone, nothing more, nothing less.

You will be surprised how much time you’re saving and how much focus you’re exerting. Find a timeframe where you think most of your audience is active. Then, dedicate that time to do some posts and engage with them – also, it’s a perfect opportunity to build further strategies to gain more followers.

2. Have a Team Member, Not an Employee

One thing that’s a fact is you simply cannot do this all on your own – even the ideas need upgrades from someone else. Be a team player and not a boss. Even if you pay them, make sure they feel like they are a part of something big as they will be pleased to help you improve and not just do the tasks they’re told to do. Assign them goals and make sure you ask for suggestions.

If you’re doing Facebook marketing alone, you’re not going to get very far – having a team will propel you further, and it will save you a tremendous deal of time.

3. Spy on Your Competitors Positively

Another thing that can cut you time for gaining ideas and thinking about what slows your progress is by checking your competitor/s. Think of it positively rather than negatively, seeing their progress as an opportunity for you to follow and improve is better than just checking what they’re doing wrong. Check which posts and content are doing well and try to find out why it’s working so well, then apply what you’ve seen on your page. If you think that you’re doing way better, that’s the wrong competitor you’re looking at. At least have two or three competitors to spy on and check them out once or twice a week – you’ll be surprised to know how handy they are.

4. Sort Out the Notifications

Facebook notifications can be overwhelming; they bring both the smallest news and the big stuff – irrelevant comments and comments that might make you rich (business inquiries). This is why you need to check them at least every day and focus on those matters. Once you’ve done that, just mark everything else as read so you can move on better and have a fresh start.

5. Never Be Afraid to Recycle

Some of your posts may do well in the past, and others may not be as promising as they seem. You can always look into your old successful posts and repost them after a couple of months, or content that’s similar. There might be a few people who spot it was recycled content but there will be thousands that won’t. Those that didn’t notice might even share it and will gain you new followers. So, just don’t be afraid.

6. It Will Not Hurt to Use Filler Content Sometimes

Some of you might think that irrelevant posts can harm your page permanently – it can if you do it often – but doing it sometimes is actually beneficial. Creating filler content like posting quotes, funny images (still relevant to your niche), educational content, and something that’s plain entertaining will give both your audience and yourself some slack. At some point,you’ll be having a difficult time to come up with an idea to write about (you’re wasting precious time when you’re trying too had), so don’t force it. Instead, give them something quite new – interestingly, it works well.

7. Use Social Media Tools If You’re Not Just on Facebook

If you’re marketing on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Pinterest, it would be wise to use managing tools such as Hootsuite where you’re able to have all of them on one page. You’ll have a hard time opening and closing lots of pages just to post new content on each, so, having a single dashboard where you can freely navigate will save you a lot of time.

8. Pin a Post That’s Important and Timeless

One of the most common mistakes that marketers often do is not using the “pin a post feature.” This allows you to make sure that some important post will be seen instantly when people check your page. You can add powerful call-to-actions and notifications you want to be read by both new visitors and old ones.

9. Work With the People That Mentions You

There will always be haters in any social media platform. However, there will also be those guys that will give you their unwavering support. Make use of them, people/businesses that promote or actively comment and mention your brand can be the key to your further success. Offer them something in exchange for a review, or anything that can improve your reputation. Or, you can offer them to be a part of your business – be creative and be smart.

10. Learn from Your Facebook Insights

Last but not least, learn from your results. Always monitor and review your Facebook Insights; this is the best teacher you’ll have as you can see all the engagement going on your page. Observe what works and what doesn’t. It will save you time from doing a lot of random shots. Cling on to the posts that give you likes, followers, and shares. Avoid posts that will give you negative comments and hides.




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