How to Save Time and Gain More Profit With Twitter Lists

Are you familiar with “Twitter Lists,” and do you utilize it? If not, you’re actually throwing a lot of good stuff; because this list can absolutely save you time and bring you some good money. If you’re into business and you love social media, making use of this list can do some wonders for you.

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Twitter Lists

To start, let’s just get ourselves more familiar with Twitter Lists. This feature is a means to let you organize the people you follow into certain groups. When you group your followers, you will have a unique list that only shows their tweets – coming only from the members of the group you’ve made.

You can create multiple lists, making it easier and faster for you to cut information. Thanks to this feature, users and brands following more than a couple hundred people can remove the nuisance and organize their newsfeed.

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How to Create a List?

  • Start by clicking your picture from Twitter’s homepage. This will instantly take you to your profile.
  • Underneath your cover picture, just right of your profile picture, you should be able to see “lists.” Click it, and you should be able to see all that you’re subscribed to and a member of.
  • Tocreate a new list, simply click on “create list.” You can see this at the top right corner of the screen, just below the “edit profile” option.

Why and How you Save Time

First, you can save more time because this feature will let you connect with the right people with no hassle. You can eliminate anything that is inappropriate to the list.

You will also save more time because you can create a list of only about your niche. This makes it easy for you to see what the latest trends are and what are no longer working. You have a perfect newsfeed covering your industry, without even trying hard.

You can use Twitter Lists for anything you want, but it would be best just to use it for business purposes only – anything that can speed your processes and progress. I know you might be tempted to create lists for friends, but these can cause a distraction. Remember, you use this list to eliminate distraction, not create one.

How It Can help You in Making More Money

  • It can help you make more money by improving your customer relationship easily. You can create a list of your loyal, avid, and new customers with ease. This allows you to provide them with extraordinarily fast and reliable customer service.It works by simply allowing you to be keen and alert for questions your customers might ask and, even more, for their concerns. With this list, you can quickly see all of those and the faster you reply, the better you are at dealing with customers, which is what people are searching for.
  • Create a list of influencers, news organizations, and giant companies relevant to your industry. This allows you to be well-informed about the latest trends, updates, and news – giving you the edge to take advantage. The more knowledgeable you are, the more followers will trust and recommend you.
  • Create a list that’s for show. What I mean by this is that you can create a public list mainly to flatter the members or sell yourself.


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