How To Increase The Chance to Get Featured on Periscope

As you might have realized getting featured on Periscope is one great way to get seen by a huge audience and gain massive followers.  There are two different feature possibilities. Either way, your broadcast or your profile can get featured.

The only problem is that it´s not so easy to get featured as this is a manual process done by the Periscope editorial team. A prerequisite is, however, that your broadcast has a high quality and is remarkable.

How To get featured on Periscope
Many don´t know that you actually can kind of apply to get featured on Periscope. So, if you think you are about to do a fascinating scope I have two ways for you to increase your chances:

  1. Tag the Periscope editorial team @periscopetvUS in the title of your broadcast, so they get notified. You can also tweet them @periscopetvUS.
  2. You can vote for broadcasts to get featured here. Periscope´s editorial team uses this page to find the best broadcasts and often highlights content they find there in Periscope and on their Twitter accounts.

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Please don´t be disappointed if your broadcast is not getting featured, as the chance is still little. Nevertheless, those two ways will make sure your broadcast is at least considered so give it a try if you think it´s worthy of note.

Here is my Periscope stream about it:

What do you think about the feature option and have you been tried to get featured? Feel free to leave me a comment. Thanks for reading this article and if you like it please share it.

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