Why Posting a Social Media Clickbait Content Isn’t Worth It

Have you ever experienced clicking on those hot images with catchy headlines, and then when you click it, it’s different from what you’ve expected? Most of the time, these posts are misleading, but almost every time… they are annoying! However, there are times… we can consider social media clickbait content to be smart – but only about 1% of the time.

1280x720 Why Posting a Social Media Clickbait Content Isn’t Worth It Why Posting a Social Media Clickbait Content Isn’t Worth It

The Smart 1%

I don’t want to make this post biased, so I will provide what’s good about doing social media clickbait content posts on your profile that leads to your website. First, you will gain traffic – probably, when done correctly, a lot! If you’re unaware of how these types of posts work, get familiar with www.buzzfeed.com.

Check their social media profiles, and you’ll see what I mean. It works for them because their content is about viral stuff; if you have a specific niche, and you have a business reputation to hold onto, this is definitely not for you.

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The Bad About Social Media Clickbait Content Posts

I’ll start by saying irritation and nuisance. When you post something, no matter how many people notice it, there will always be a reaction. Some people on social media prefer not to comment or give their 2 cents about what they’ve experienced. Now, imagine the remaining few who are bashers and trolls. These people won’t forgive you for tricking them; they’ll do whatever they please, just to make sure you lose credibility.

The next problem is some of these posts will get reported, and for that, you’ll be penalized. And, when you’re penalized a lot, your account will either be suspended or removed. Therefore, this strategy is very risky. Plus,you’ll gain traffic that is absolute trash. You’re only getting people intrigued about the headline or the picture, not about what your website is all about.

To play this game safely, it is better you only post relevant content on your social media profile. Never trick your audience, or you’ll have some bad feedback. Don’t worry if your blog isn’t gaining a lot of traffic, at the moment; things will change eventually when you provide value.

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