Three Best Ways to Deal With Haters on Social Media

As your business/brand grows, so will your followers, fans, and, of course, your customers. It brings you towards greener pastures, but like any business, never will you experience a total absence of negativity – the haters, especially on social media.

Social media haters and how to deal with them properly

No matter how hard you try and no matter where, social media or any part of the internet, there will always be people eager to bring you down just because they can. In the internet world, these clowns are better known as trolls or simply haters. You can’t avoid them, but you can deal with them and make them stop.

Here are three simply ingenious ways of keeping them at bay and avoiding any damage to your reputation.

Hide Their Comments and Posts from Your Social Media Profiles

If you think the comment or post is purely irrelevant and is there just to give you a bad name, simply hide it. If the hide option is available, which is on Facebook, this allows you only to show that comment to himself and not from any other audience.

This works much better rather than deleting it. Why? This is because trolls feed on reaction. If you delete it, it is still a reaction, and he will again post something bad on your profile – it simply satisfies them. Besides that the more engagement you have the better will be your exposure so bottom line the troll even helps you without noticing this. 😉

However, if there is no hide option, deleting it still works – though you just have to frequently do it until he gets tired (pretty sure he will at some point).

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Block the Troll and Bad Specific Keywords

If the same troll is visiting you now and then and the first suggestion doesn’t seem to work, you can then block the troll – which is available on almost any social media platform. And, as a precaution, you can always ban specific keywords or any profanity that often occurs on your page.

Banning keywords do have a bit of a downfall as some are actually legitimate criticism. Remember, answering and helping out a distressed customer boosts your customer relationship status and gives you a more trusted name in your industry. So, after a few weeks, it would be best to lift the bad.

Ignore Them

Last but not least is to simply ignore whatever they comment on the post. The thing is, the less they get attention, the less they will make a commotion. If you comment back – positively or negatively – it will still be a bad thing for you, no matter what. So, if you can afford to just let it slip, do it. You have fans; don’t ruin the good thing you have from just a few bad apples.

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