Top tips to find your perfect topic & target audience on periscope

In my last blog post, I explained my biggest mistake on Periscope.I was struggling with finding my right niche. When I told you about it, I realized many of you share this problem. A niche is between a small market or part of a bigger market. There’s a saying that if you try to please everybody, you’ll end up pleasing nobody. If you’re trying to be an expert or guru in everything, then people might end up seeing you as a jack of all trades, but master of none. This is why I want to share with you some ideas to help you find your niche. Let´s start finding your right topic, and then, I explain how to find the right audience for it:

  1. Reverse method: Many people find it easier to choose what they don´t like than what they do like. It is, for example, easier to pick some cities where you don´t want to live than the perfect city. So start writing down all those topics you don´t want to broadcast about, which will narrow down the possibilities and make it easier, later, to choose your perfect niche.
  2. Start with why: Ask yourself why you are interested in a special topic and why it will be also interesting for others. Please, also watch this Ted Talk from Simon Sinek, as it will inspire you and explain the reason behind this exercise:
  3. The right questions: The one who is asking questions is leading what the other one is thinking, so please ask yourself now, what are you really passionate about? I summed up some questions, which will guide you:
    – What did you love to do as a child?
    – What can you spend hours doing?
    – What´s the first thing that comes to your mind when you wake up?
    – Which topic do people often ask you for advice?
    – What would you do, even if you don´t get paid for it?
    – What can you do better than most people?

After you have found your perfect topic, you need to find the right people and evaluate your market. Here are some tips to do so:

  1. Periscope: Many people do not know that Periscope is also indexing your profile text, so for example, if you add the word “fashion”, you can be found when someone is looking for “fashion.”Look for people on Periscope, who are broadcasting about your topic. Unfortunately, the search on Periscope is still a bit buggy, so please use other ways, as well.
  2. Twitter: You can use the twitter search to look for your keyword and find the best streams. You need to enter live #periscope + your topic. I explain here in detail, what you need to do.
  3. Follow the Hashtag: This is a great and free tool to track a hashtag to see how many people are using it, where the people are from, and who they are. You can find the tool here.This is a screenshot of the twitter metrics of my new personal hashtag, #wekhanmetric

I am sure you will find a lot of people with those techniques, so make sure to follow them to learn about your topic and to collaborate with them. Everything about collaboration is explained here.

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PS: Do you want more tips? Get my  TOP 5 Techniques to boost your Periscope Success.

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