TOP 5 Questions my followers ask me

Yesterday, in my scope, I asked which topic I should do today, and you showed me your interest on my personal Periscope story. So this blog post, today, will give you answers to your top 5 questions:

  1. When did I start with Periscope?
  2. Why did I start with Periscope?
  3. What was my first stream, and how did I enter the famous Most Loved List?
  4. What were my first broadcasts about?
  5. What was my biggest mistake, and what did I learn from it?

So let´s directly start with the first question:

  1. When did I start with Periscope?
    Periscope was launched on the 26th of March 2015, and I read about it on a blog post from Business Insider. They wrote that Twitter bought the app Periscope for around $100 million dollars, before they had even officially launched. I was absolutely amazed about this large amount of money, since I also founded Germany´s first mobile fashion marketplace TrendU and sold it to a big German publishing house, but at a much lower price.  So I decided to check it out.
  2. Why did I start with with Periscope?
    Many of you know that I am a real internet fan. I started my first internet company at the age of 16 (btw, a fun page where I sold its content -jokes, quotes, videos, cartoons etc. on a CD), and since then, I was addicted to internet. I really love it, as before the Internet, all media (like TV, radio, newspaper etc.) were co-existing and none replaced the other. Only the internet acts like a kind of gateway or black hole, which soaks it all in, and the reason is interactivity. And the internet comes closer and closer to us. It started with a desktop, then came a laptop, and now it is a mobile device (and may be Google Glass or Apple Watch or anything else inside us in the future).Periscope rocks not only because it brings livestreaming to a mobile device, but also because of its comment feature. People can engage live with the broadcaster, and both sides really love it. I was directly hooked when I read about it and couldn´t wait to start my first stream.
  3. What was my first stream and how did I enter the famous Most Loved List?
    I did not know what to stream about when I downloaded Periscope. It was brand-new, and everyone wasjust trying it out, so I decided to stream about one of my employees. As I have already posted about my first stream, feel free to click here if you want to know the results. For the Most Loved List, you needed around 10.000 hearts on Day 1. (Yeah, crazy if you think that, today, you would need more than 22.000.000 hearts, which is 2.200 times the amount you needed on Day 1). I found a screenshot of the 27th of March, which shows that on Day 2, you needed more than 30.000 hearts. I had the aim to be on that list from day 1, and so I did MANY fun broadcasts like:- I throw Bauer (name of my friend) in the pool for 1.000 hearts
    (btw, we got 5.000 hearts in 3 minutes for this 😉 )
    – For every 10 hearts, Bauer does a push up
    – For every heart, Bauer will say I love you
    – and so on… (well, I didn´t know what to do 😉 )At the end of Periscope’s first day,we managed to enter the list and gained our first 58 followers.


  4. What were my first broadcasts about?
    In the first 2 weeks, I really streamed a lot of fun stuff. I was begging for hearts like crazy (and no,you should not beg for hearts, as Periscope became more mature in the last months, and you should know better than this). Anyway, I did it, and my viewers always had to give me thousands of hearts until I did, bought, drank, broke, or showed something (again, they did not like the heart begging at all, so do not try it). I probably had one of Periscope’s biggest fun and travel channel at that time. I showed my viewers some really nice places, like the Formula One in Malaysia and the hot spots in Singapore, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich, and Los Angeles. I changed my fun strategy, as my friends and business partners signed up on Periscope and asked me if I wasnot right in my head, anymore (Well, I guess, sometimes, you need to give someone a wake-up call). From thatmoment, I started to change my topics almost on a daily basis, looking for the right niche I could fit in.
  5. What was my biggest mistake and what did I learn from it?
    Next to all those mistakes I am daily sharing with you, my biggest mistake was that I constantly changed my bio and topics. I talked about sports, relationships, travel, music, models, success, and much more. It took me three months beforeI finally decided to broadcast about the best tips and tricks to gain more followers, hearts, and viewers. Here are my reasons for it:- I was on Periscope from Day 1 and did more than 200 streams, at thattime, so I knew what I was talking about.
    – I was one of the TOP 5 most popular Periscopers worldwide, so people already approached me because of that topic.
    – I could combine my ten years of experience in social networks with my understanding of mobile apps from my previous venture TrendU.
    – There was a real need for this topic, so I could solve an existing problem. I learned that people will remember you (if you are lucky and really good) for one thing, so focus on becoming an expert in it. Don´t change your topics;don´t try to be an all-rounder or whizz kid.  So, think about what you are really good at and what are you passionate about, and if there is a need for it, go for it, and focus, focus, focus! I am convinced you can do it, and I will give you all my knowledge to leverage your success.

I hope you liked my story, and if you have further questions, please feel free to leave me a comment or email me.

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