How to Make Youngsters Love Your Brand on Instagram and Snapchat

Promoting your brand to teenagers isn’t easy. You just don’t know where they are online. But knowing about the social platform that most of them use is a big help.

According to eMarketer, youngsters belonging to the age group 12-17 are using Instagram and Snapchat – 15.8% use Snapchat while 14.5% use Instagram. These two social networks are most popular with teenagers.

How to Make Youngsters Love Your Brand on Instagram and Snapchat How to Make Youngsters Love Your Brand on Instagram and Snapchat

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Why should you promote your brand to teens?

Teenagers have a large influence on people around them. When they come to love a brand, they won’t forget to tell their online friends about it. Users who see their post will know about it. This alone will increase the audience, which possibly includes potential customers. Now imagine that for your brand, wouldn’t that be nice?

But now you need to stop imagining. Let’s make your thoughts a reality through these steps:

Create an attractive profile

Your profile has the power to promote your brand by itself. So be creative with your profile. Here are a few tips for creating one:

  • Make your username simple but hard to forget.
  • Use a picture that is weird but interesting.
  • Put a question that’ll make others curious.

When creating your profile, always remember to align it with your brand.

Know the trend and go with the flow

People who join trends are well-liked by a lot of Instagram and Snapchat users. Teenagers will welcome you better if you’re trendy. They prefer someone who keeps up with things that are hot.

There was a time when Snapchat filters filled Instagram. Have you seen the puppy and goddess selfie filters? Those kinds of filters flooded Instagram feeds. And the people who joined in such trend gained more followers.

So start knowing the current trends and incorporate them into your brand now – the sooner, the better.

Share relatable and relevant content

It’s good to keep up with trends, but it’s even better to be relatable. Add relevance to that, and you’re good to go.

When you update your feed, make the teens feel comfortable. Post contents that are about their daily life, struggles, or anything that they can relate to. You can post an Instagram photo about the pain of students or a Snapchat picture about the temptation of food when on a diet.

Don’t forget to make the posts relevant to your brand. Every time you update, make sure it discreetly promotes your brand in a way that is relatable to youngsters.

Are you ready to make teenagers love your brand on Instagram and Snapchat?

It’s time to make your imagination come true. Do these steps and a little bit of passion. You won’t fail because you have prepared to successes.

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