Maintaining Customer Loyalty by Being Responsive on Social Media

There is no denying that gaining new customers for your business is truly amazing. Who on Earth wouldn’t appreciate new people trusting your brand and spending money on your products and services? However, it should also be considered that maintaining your customers’ loyalty is just as important. Remember, one loyal customer is worth a hundred one-time purchase customers. I’d rather have five customers who’d buy my product once a day than having a hundred that will only buy once. To make sure that your customers will stay loyal, you have to be responsive. Here’s why:

Customer Loyalty Maintaining Customer Loyalty by Being Responsive on Social Media

Being Responsive on Social Media

Let me first ask you this question: Do you like being ignored when you inquire about a certain product or service? Well, if not, there’s a huge chance that your customers don’t like it, too. That is why you need to make sure that your customers don’t get ignored on your social media profiles. The very reason that your brand has a social media account is to get connected.

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Remember, a connection is never a one-way thing. When you plug an appliance, it receives electricity and allows it to function and serve you its purpose – a fan receives electricity and in turn cools you.  If they ask, you answer – simple as pie. However, if you answer in two weeks time, then don’t expect a response. Think about a fan that cools you only after when it’s plug for more than a day. That would definitely suck, right? I’m pretty sure you won’t be buying that fan or any appliance coming from that brand again.

The faster you answer back, the more loyal your customers. This is why as much as possible, respond to them right away.

How to Respond ASAP

Though there is certain automation available, I’m not going to encourage that – especially on your main social media profile. Why? That’s because you need to be as personal as you can. Message automation is very limited and some of these customers might be having really big issues. You don’t want to make things worse by sending them a greetings message stating you’re not around. Moreover, asking them to follow you on your main social media channel.

The best solution that you have is to either pin a post or inform them that you’re only available on said hours. However, if your business is flourishing, that’s not a great move. The best thing to do is to hire a social media assistant that’s able to answer all the questions (comments or messages). And, he will be able to relay you the message when it’s very important.

Having an extra hand is an investment and it should never be taken as a loss. Though you have to pay him, he does provide you with the means to help you maintain your customer’s loyalty and makes your duties easier. This helps your brand grow and in turn increases your income.

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