Why Ad Rotation Is a Must in Social Media

Have you ever wondered why no matter how good-looking your ads on Facebook or Twitter are, it’s still not working as well as you’ve expected? Let me tell you a single word that might give you a clue to what this article is all about – boredom. Yes, boredom on social media is extremely common. And that’s what most users feel about all the ads running on social media. That’s the reason why I’m encouraging and deeming ad rotation as a must to make sure your audience never gets bored. Furthermore, get that return of investment as soon as possible.

Why Ad Rotation Is a Must in Social Media Why Ad Rotation Is a Must in Social Media

Why Social Media Users Shouldn’t Experience Boring Ads

The number one cause for boring ads is because of repetition. Of course, who’d like to see the same thing every single day? No one! Well, unlike television where we can’t do anything about the replaying ads except either change the channel or grab something to bite, social media works differently. On social media, there are three possible ways to react to it. First, you watch the ads and enjoy. Second, you just skip and ignore the ads. And lastly, you report the ads.

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Yes, the last one is pretty scary and definitely, it should never happen – ever! When your ads are being reported, not only will you lose a potential customer, you may be penalized when the number of reports increases. This will cause your campaign to stop all of its progress. Moreover, the platform will have to review your ads once more and this will cause you a lot of time and stagnation.

What Is Ad Rotation?

From the word itself, it is the process of rotating your ads content and appearance. So, before even jumping on a campaign, a wise choice is to make at least three overall appearances and content for your ads. Never go with a single bullet. Make as many if you can. This is to assure that you can rotate your ads frequently enough to make sure that the viewers will never get bored of it.

It is quite annoying to see the same image or video all over again. Especially every time you’re scrolling down your newsfeed. Most people, including me, would simply just hide them. And I’m very sure that you won’t want that to happen. So, at least, every day or two, your ad’s appearance should be changed. Two appearances are still quite risky. However, three would be just fine. So, whenever you plan on starting your ad campaign, just make sure that you have a three or more extra appearances for your ad rotation to work.

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