How to Gain 1000 Followers on Twitter

If you’re new to Twitter, gaining followers aside from friends can be quite a challenge – especially for brands/businesses. Gaining about a hundred or so might be pretty normal as I think everyone has a couple hundred friends in real life. However, when it comes to businesses, we can’t afford to stick to a couple hundred nor can we rely on friends alone. That’s I’m going to provide you a slick strategy to help you gain a thousand and even more as a start.

How to gain 1000 followers on Twitter How to Gain 1000 Followers on Twitter

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Optimize Your Profile

No matter what, you simply cannot skip this part. This is rule number one and it’s the most important element when it comes to gaining more followers on Twitter. Having a good profile that’s fully optimized to generate follows is one essential key to success. You can start by having a presentable and friendly profile picture, an attractively informative header, and by using the appropriate keywords and hashtags in your bio. Try to create a particular character that’s an expert in whatever niche you’re into.

Use Advanced Twitter Search

When it comes to searching for the right people to market, collaborate, or follow, Twitter’s advanced search is everything that you need. It can properly and accurately provide reliable results in a just a few seconds. You can filter by keywords, age, type of sentence, and almost everything else. Search for topics that you think you can jump into and get free exposure from the right people. Just a quick note, you have to use the Advanced Search and not just the normal search on the top.

Follow the Right People

No matter what niche you’re into, there’s always a top dog in that niche. Of course, if you are the top dog, I believe you wouldn’t be even reading this blog, right? Why you want to follow the right people who are dominating that niche is simply because they can provide you tactics that work and that you should try yourself. However, don’t carbon copy, just get the gist of it and then improvise. Not only that, you can also market yourself by simply participating on their profiles and getting the chance to capture a few of their followers.

Start Conversations

I think the most authentic way to truly gain followers is by simply connecting with them. And, what’s the best way to connect? That’s by just having a conversation with them. People can do this in so many ways that they all seem to ignore. Start by asking a question, answering a question, appreciating a Tweet, replying to their comments, and by just saying hi. These are all very effective yet simple ways to connect and by connecting, you get to expose your brand/business better.

Tweet or Retweet Value

By following the right people, you can always retweet those that you think can be of help to your followers. Not only will they appreciate it, they will also recommend you. Also, don’t limit yourself in terms of retweeting, tweet other things that are of value. Provide them information from your blog or just write something that can be of help. These kinds of things are like a foundation to building a good repute.

Cross-promote Your Channels

I’m pretty sure that Twitter isn’t the only social media platform you’re currently into. With other giant social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, there’s a huge possibility that you’re also active in one of those mentioned. Try to be creative in cross-promoting your profiles and make sure you’re not going to be forceful about it. Make them feel like they need it. Try to do a Q&A on your other channels, and on the last question, you will tell them that you only give out the answer on your Twitter profile.

Be Active and Be Consistent

Last but not least is, of course, to be active most of the time so that you may do everything that I’ve told you to do – and be consistent about it. These two are always in pairs. You might be active this week but you might be asleep like sleeping beauty after the next month. There is no overnight success my friend. You have to be consistent with your strategy and your efforts. Think about farming, it may be tolerable to forget a day or two on watering your plants. However, not watering them for a week can be pretty bad and might even be the reason for losing your business.


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