Why Establishing a Main Social Media Account Is a Must

With so many social media platforms out there, it is difficult to focus on a single platform. That’s because each platform has its own type of audience and you want to get the most out of everything. Well, I can’t deny that having a lot of exposure does provide great benefits. However, focusing on each one of them isn’t actually reasonable, especially if you don’t have a huge team. That’s why for small-time businesses, establishing a main social media account is a must, but what do I mean by that?

Why Establishing a Main Social Media Account Is a Must Why Establishing a Main Social Media Account Is a Must

What Does It Mean to Establish a Main Social Media Account

A main social media account is simply an account/profile on a platform that gets the most out of your time and budget. Remember it has to be a single profile and you can’t have more than that. Of course, I’m not saying that you can no longer engage on other platforms and create other profiles for your brand. What I am saying is that you should have a priority among them.

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Let me break it down to simplify it for you. Think about having three accounts, one for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you only have a budget of about an hour a day, dividing that hour into three, which is about 20 minutes, every day is not a good idea at all. Think about what you can do with 20 minutes. Perhaps, that’s just about a single post and let me tell you right now, it simply isn’t enough. Now, think about having a full hour. An hour can provide you more than a post, it can let you engage with your audience, collaborate with other businesses of similar niches, and allows you to create better content to share.

Of course, I’m not saying that you should literally assume just an hour a day. I’m trying to tell you that if you only have limited time, establishing a main social media account and sticking to it is a wise strategy. Even for medium-sized businesses, still having an account where your brand is most active can provide better results. Though you still have other accounts which should still be active, there’s one account that they can get to you the soonest. Establish that to your followers that you will cater their messages only on Facebook (or any other platform that you think suits best).

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