Why Freelancers Should Invest in Social Media

In my opinion, freelancing is still a form of business that requires exposure. Why do I say it’s business? First of all, freelancers don’t get employed; they sell services to a vast array of clients with a very limited attachment. So, their means of making money is by getting a lot of projects from a lot of clients. That means that if they’re able to expose themselves to the right people, they’ll earn a lot. And for that reason, I strongly recommend you (assuming you are a freelancer, right?) invest in social media.

Why Freelancers Should Invest in Social Media

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Why Social Media?

For most freelancers, you might just depend on job/project listing platforms like Upwork or Craigslist. Though it does provide you with the connection you need at a very fast pace, it still doesn’t provide you everything.

So, what do I mean about everything?

First thing first, it serves an extension to your portfolio and a natural means for clients to get into you. Though clients can reach you elsewhere, social media allows your clients and potential clients to know more about you and your expertise. It’s quite the same as a portfolio only that it is consistently updated.

Think about having a Twitter or Facebook page to represent you. Not only will that page gets filled with content, but it also becomes an access point for people to know you, which strengthens your repute and confidence.

Other Than Exposure, You Get to Hunt for Clients

Other than having the chance to get seen by millions of clients, you also get the opportunity to hunt for them. Believe it or not, there are countless of people on the net searching for freelancers. Some of them aren’t tech savvy and have no clue about outsourcing sites and listing sites, that is why they just post about what they need on their Facebook profile or Twitter’s.

By just searching for keywords, you can easily see them. Some top keywords they use are more like job names. If you’re an all round virtual assistant, you can search for a writing gig, graphics creation, and in general, virtual assistant. Be creative about your search; think as if you’re a client. You can always put in longer key phrases such as “in need of a virtual assistant.”

Last But Never the Least, You Get Feedback

If you perform well and delivered quality to your clients, you can simply ask them to provide a positive review on your Facebook or Twitter Page. This alone is an extra point to convince your future clients your reliability. The more positive reviews you have, the faster you get a project.

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