Five Creative Things to Post on Facebook to Improve Engagement

Once in a long while, you may run out of ideas to post on Facebook. Well, don’t worry as that’s normal and thousands of entrepreneurs using the biggest social media platform have to deal with the same problem eventually. What you just need is a bit of creativity and something to push you into thinking outside the box. To do that, let me show you a few samples that I’m sure will encourage you to get more ideas popping.

Five Creative Things to Post on Facebook to Improve Engagement Five Creative Things to Post on Facebook to Improve Engagement

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Improve Your Engagement by Posting These Five Creative Things on Facebook

Share Content from Your Followers

Sometimes, you will get some pretty appreciative comments and messages on your account. Those senders are probably more than willing to give more such as feedbacks, photos, or even videos of your product, service, or just about you or your brand. And those are actually content that you can use for your next post.

Make use of them in an entertaining way as much as you can. You can compile pictures of them and showcase how happy they are with your product. It’s easy and doesn’t take a lot of time – that’s because they’re handed to you without any effort of reaching out.

Post “Caption This” Posts

Another thing to break the ice from time to time is to post something funny but can yield tons of engagement. Simply post a photo about anything – preferably your product/service is part of the picture for indirect advertising. Then, ask them to give it a caption. Remember, the pictures that work best are those that can make you smile or laugh.

Share Quotes

One of the most repetitive options I give out is posting quotes. Why? First of all, it’s valuable, inspiring, and easy to search and do. The great thing about it is that it won’t really affect how your followers perceive you as a business or brand. Your followers on Facebook will just think of it as a quote to inspire them for the day.

Post a Trivia

Post something that starts with “Did you know” or “Do you know.” Sometimes, your followers are easily intrigued with that line alone. Well, everyone does want to know your secrets – or basically anything that gives value to them. Make sure it’s entertaining and easy to remember, so that they can share it with their friends, too.

Post Options

Last but not least is to post options. What I mean by that is by giving them a choice. Example: a picture that portrays a dog or a cat. Let them choose which type of person are they and they’ll be flooding the comment section in no time. Also, just make sure to ask them to share or tag someone in the process to further increase exposure.

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