How to Effectively Save More Time on Twitter – Basics

In my many years of experience orchestrating social media strategies, I have to say Twitter is one of the most exciting and speedy platforms. I mean, everything happens so fast. That’s because you won’t be seeing long posts, but briefer yet concrete, messages and links. And since it’s a very busy platform, being slow is almost synonymous to inactive. This is why a lot of businesses aren’t progressing much because they don’t know how to manage their accounts effectively and efficiently – they simply feel they lack time.

How to Effectively Save More Time on Twitter How to Effectively Save More Time on Twitter – Basics

[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@1alexkhan”]Are you too busy that simply leaves your Twitter profile inactive, here are ways to save more time on Twitter effectively.[/tweetthis]


There is a ton of reasons we lack time. One is to create content – this is by far the most common reason. Doing few-hundred-word articles with great images may be a handful. Remember, sharing your content and limiting yourself is what keeps you inactive. This is why I’m recommending curation.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t create original content. I’m just saying that, for the meantime, while creating such, curate and share other content. But, here’s the catch. Make sure that each share brings value – searching is faster than making.

Here are a few other reasons curation will benefit your Twitter marketing strategy:

  • It doesn’t cost you anything, except for time, searching for the content.
  • It’s fast and easy to do.
  • You supply your audience a few “new” tastes of content but still are relevant.
  • You bring more value, as you’re now able to post regularly.
  • It optimizes your workflow much better.

3 Twitter Tools to Effectively Save Time

Now that you know curation will help you cover what to post, here’s how to bring it to a whole new level.


This is one of the best tools to crunch hot and highly shareable content. This means most content recommended from this tool are assured to be of quality. And, the best thing is you can accurately filter niches and topics to your will. This makes it a very effective search tool for content, rather than Googling for hours.


This is one of those social media management tools that enables you to schedule a post ahead of time, with all the perks of the original platform. You can organize and even survey the performance of all your posts, making it a very convenient tool for Twitter.


NinjaOutreach is an amazing tool to find influencers and start collaborating with them. You can look at a database of more than 25 million contacts and manage them right within ninjaoutreach.

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