Why Connecting Your Social Media Accounts Can Take You to Success

In a world where building a connection no longer seems to be a challenge, we still tend to be too lazy to make the most out of it. What I mean by that is with the help of the internet we can easily bridge the gaps and create a better connection with our audience. However, for some reason, I still see hundreds of brands simply ignoring that by not linking their social media profiles together – ignoring the power of cross-promotion. And that is a very wrong move.

Why Connecting Your Social Media Accounts Can Take You to Success

It is vital that your accounts should be connected to improve not only your brand’s customer services by making it easy for your audience, followers, and consumers to contact you by any means of their comfort, but also by giving your brand a uniformed and recognizable figure. Here are a few reasons why organizing and connecting your social media accounts can take you to success faster:

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Speed and Ease

Whenever your accounts are connected, clickable links and icons will be displayed on your profile’s information or about space/page. This makes it a speedy and easy process for users to change from one social media platform to another. Why do they want to change platforms? That’s simply because of preference. Some users might have just discovered you on Twitter unintentionally but would want to get in touch with you more on Facebook – vice versa. Allowing your profiles to be connected would lessen the hassle for them to manually search you on a different platform. Not only that, it also – unintentionally but beneficially – provides you better exposure and promotion. This allows you to grow your followers without putting too much effort in advertising.

You Present Yourself as a Unified and Easily Recognized Brand

Helping your followers get in touch with you on all your platforms is important. But another essential thing is being able to uniform and unify your profiles to provide a universal and recognizable figure. One of the biggest mistakes small-time brands do is using a different profile picture on each platform. This can cause confusion on their audience and possibly may lead to the assumption that they’re not organized or worse, an entirely different brand – this mistake can possibly lead to losing a customer. Remember, you’re a brand – singular. You should make sure that people will know you in a single glance, that is what huge companies practice and that is what you should do, too.

It Eases Your Management Work and Gain New Features

Did you know that when you interconnect your accounts, it is easier and faster for analytic tools to register them? Also, some platforms actually encourage you to do that. By doing so, you’ll gain access to other tools that will help you manage the accounts. One good example is Instagram and Facebook. These two, when connected, will grant you access to Instagram’s analytics and see the performance real-time. It also applies to Google + and YouTube and so much more.

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