6 Great Ways to Advertise on Snapchat as a Business

There’s been talk about one of today’s most trending and widely used app in the world, Snapchat. To simply skip to how huge this app is today, it generates about 10 billion daily videos views – Facebook “only” generates 8 billion videos a day. Relatively, it is a huge number in ratio to its active users, which is estimated to be around 150 million. That alone is simply amazing… It simply shows us how active and alive this app really is. No wonder it is one of the top apps which marketers are now involved with. So, if you’re one of those new entrepreneurs trying to make you mark on Snapchat, this article will show you the basic ways to advertise on Snapchat.  1280x720 blogpost advertise snapchat 6 Great Ways to Advertise on Snapchat as a Business

1. With Influencers

Last, but definitely not least, are ads through influencers. As influencers are very popular and are being followed by millions, it is wise to ask them to advertise your product through any means. Just be creative. For example, allow them to give a review of your product or let them do a demonstration. Prices will vary depending on who you’re asking, and the more popular, the higher the price. This week an amazing Snapchat event called Snaphappen is  taking place where some of the most influential Snapchatters are coming. I am honored to be also one of the Panellists and you can follow me here on Snapchat.

2. Snap Ads

We should start with the simplest and most introduced way. Snap ads are just videos you can skip along as you scroll for stories. Though these stories rarely show as you scroll, it sure is a way to get some easy exposure to millions of users.

3. Geofilters

This displays filters over your pictures and videos with geographically relevant text or graphics. Brands may now purchase and customize their very own Geofilter to further make their product or service more unique and catchable.

4. Lenses

This is one of the most popular ways to advertise, but it comes with a hefty price – 450 thousand dollars to a whopping 750 thousand dollars per day. Lenses are just a simple feature that recognizes the face and provide a little bit of graphic overlay and touchups which people really love. You can ask them to customize it for your brand specifically, but the price is high indeed.

5. Discover Channels

This feature may only be available for some publishers; it provides the user some top pick stories from the editorial which allows them to be introduced to new profiles and brands with unique content. Now, discover channel allows ads, in turn curating your content and highlighting them with a cost of around 50 thousand dollars.

6. Live Channels

This, perhaps, is the most popular feature in Snapchat. It is a compilation of user-generated content from all over the globe with detailed events. As this provides in-the-moment perspective and a lot of engagement, it costs a lot. The typical price usually starts at 200 thousand dollars and up.

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