4 Quick Ways To Improve Your Conversion Rate on Social Media

The conversion rate is one of the key metrics to know how well you’re doing in your business – also, on social media (just better known as engagement). You should get the most out of what you post, and keep it that way for good. So, how do you improve your conversion rate and increase the number of likes, comments, and shares rather than just getting viewed? Find out below.

1280x720 Blog post Conversion rate social1 4 Quick Ways To Improve Your Conversion Rate on Social Media

1. Prioritize Visual Presentation

On most – perhaps every – social media platform, posts with polished, high-quality images always gain more attention and engagement (backed by a lot of studies). Quality images have this awe-inspiring element that makes people “pause” from scrolling. Once users get a moment to pause, it has caught their attention and engagements such as likes and shares are imminent. So, use neat pictures, videos, and GIFs to gain better results.

2. Have a Call-to-Action

Once again, this has been one of the most commonly ignored things you should be doing. Every single time you post, reply to a message, and comment, you have to provide a message telling them what to do next as much as possible. Make the most out of communication.Telling them to share it if they like it is more than enough – easy to do yet constantly ignored. Be creative, reply comments with an answer plus a question to start a nice form of engagement.

3. Make It Easy to Share and Easy to Access

For social media, especially when using mobile devices, it is difficult when you’re not sending out links. So, when you post or promote something, give them solid, easy to see links – use a URL shortener like bit.ly to keep your links clean and manageable. When you want to share something and want to promote a certain event, make use of signature hashtags and ask them to use it as well.

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4. Pin or Re-share Your Best Post

On most social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, you can always have certain posts pinned at the very top. Use this to your advantage and post your most successful posts or provide timeless call-to-action messages – or important updates. This gives them a little more time to check the page before getting to your new posts, allowing them to learn a thing or two.

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