3 Tips to Improve Your Business on Snapchat

Snapchat, one of today’s leading social media giants, should be a must for any entrepreneur to invest in. It is hard for anyone to ignore how influential this platform is. Thus, I’ve made three easy-to-do tips to improve your business using Snapchat.

1280x720 blogpost Snapchat business 3 Tips to Improve Your Business on Snapchat


1. Keep Things Unique and Original

Unlike most social media channels, Snapchat allows you to send out snaps that fade in time – just 24 hours for the content and 10 seconds when opened (videos disappear after they end). That concept alone is original. So, make use of it to your advantage. Just go with your brand and don’t try to make it perfect, just try to be what makes you unique and be what your brand really is about. No need to waste time pondering about little mistakes. Again, it only lasts momentarily –your snaps aren’t timeless. Some would also use this opportunity to send out secret promos or codes for discounts; some would even dare to send out questions that win prizes when answered correctly. This keeps the engagement up, and when your audience is active, so is your business.

2. Make Your Audience Laugh

Most users in Snapchat are youngsters – typically women at ages 16 to 24 (52%). As you all know, these types of users prefer something short, sweet, and funny. The more you give them something to laugh about, the more they’re into your brand and will keep visiting your profile – women fall in love when someone can make them laugh. That’s the best clue you’ll get why one of the biggest automotive companies, Audi, has used a picture of a sad dog with a quote, “Dog doesn’t care who wins.” These funny images were sent out to during the race and in two days, they’ve grown their followers by around 10,000and added 2500 to both Facebook and Twitter.

3. Party Up With Influencers

No person can do this alone; this is why teaming up with someone is a great choice – an even greater choice is to team up with someone that’s bigger and better than you. Influencers are there for a reason; they can influence users to just about anything. However, they’re not free. Don’t be stingy, give them something in return – everything is business. You’ll be surprised that they’ll work better than doing ads. One proof is how the the campaign with ABC family show Pretty Little Liars provided Audi a whopping 115,000 followers.

Final Say

Apart from those tips, one thing that truly breeds success is to enjoy what you do – in this case, enjoying Snapchat. Once you get a total hang with the platform, you’ll be amazed by how you come up with ideas no one has ever thought of. So, just make sure that you’re focused on your goals and have a great time doing it.

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