4 Effective Twitter Promotion Ideas You Should Definitely Try

We all know that Twitter is one of the most active social media channels. It would be such a waste if we will not use it for our marketing campaigns, right? So, if you want your business to earn more and improve your brand’s reputation, try these 4 effective Twitter promotion ideas.

4 Effective Twitter Promotion Ideas You Should Definitely Try 4 Effective Twitter Promotion Ideas You Should Definitely Try

Be as Helpful as You Can Without Trying to Sell

Okay, briefly, try to help everyone out in the Twitter community within your niche. You can always try Twitter’s advanced search. This feature allows you to search queries about your profession specifically. HELP them out, answer them. However, here’s the biggest catch, you do not promote but simply just help.

One of the most common problems with small companies having a Twitter profile is that they bombard their answers with sales link and promotions. This simply makes you look like you’re just in it for the money; you’re not helping them, but selling. The funny thing is, whenever you Tweet, your profile is a representation of your brand.

So, placing a link to your website or anything associated with you is actually redundant. Whenever people see an answer with links, it will immediately turn them off. However, when you answer sincerely, they’ll surely check your profile. And that’s what you’re actually looking for.

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Be a Person!

There are only a handful of business profiles that actually know what this means. And they are very successful. To be a person on Twitter is just to act like one, say what you want to say – I mean Tweet. There is no need to make sure that every Tweet is formal or something too ceremonial. Posts or Tweets like these aren’t attractive – simply unapproachable.

This is why you must loosen up. Consider being more natural and easy for everyone to relate. Ditch the Tweets that make you sound like a company writing their press release. Make it more catchy and friendly; place a smiley and your followers will think you’re cool.

Don’t Skip Hashtags With Appropriate Keywords

When you write like a person, it doesn’t mean you’re going to ignore keywords. The last tip teaches you to be natural, but a few of you might think that you must forget marketing strategy 101. You have to make use of keywords so people can search for you. Use them as hashtags that describe or relate to your niche.

Don’t Forget Your Loyal Fans

Whenever you post something, there will always be a few followers who won’t mind retweeting or sharing them. Some would even proactively share a few blog posts from your website. Don’t ignore them, thank them! Get to know them. These are assets that most businesses usually take for granted. They are free advertisements you simply ignore. The more you’re engaged with them, the happier they’ll be when promoting you. If you ignore them, they’ll get tired sooner or later.

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