3 Ways to Gain Followers by Ending your Stream

In my last periscope stream, I talked about 3 quick ways to gain followers by ending your stream. Many periscope users just say thank you or bye, and that´s it. Here are my 3 ways that you can add to your ending and gain followers:

  1. Pre-promote your next show and tell what you are going to talk about.
  2. Ask a question at the end and explain you are answering it in your next show.
  3. Start a story and tell the end of the story in your next broadcast (classical daily soap trick).

Of course, after you have used one of those 3 ways, ask for a follow to make sure your viewers don´t miss your next stream. Try it, and you will see it works like a charm. Here, I explain how to end your stream the right way.

Extra tip: Forward them to another channel (like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.), instead of your next broadcast, to cross-promote your other channels and grow followers there, too.

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