Twitter’s Video Website Card – What Is It and How It Helps?

Twitter has undergone many changes this year. There’s the in-app live video streaming, a new layout, the mute option, and the explore tab. For this month of October, they launched the Video Website Card. With this new feature, you can now incorporate a different content in promoting your brand.

Twitters Video Website Card What Is It and How It Helps Twitter’s Video Website Card – What Is It and How It Helps?

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What is the Video Website Card?

The name sounds familiar, right? It’s because there’s an old feature that is called Website Card. In fact, Video Website Card is the upgraded version of the Website Card launched in 2014. If the Website Card uses images to link your website, the Video Website Card uses videos.

How does it help?

Twitter didn’t introduce this feature just to have more changes. Like other tools, it has its benefits. The Video Website Card is significant to you as an entrepreneur.

Raise users’ awareness on your brand

Nowadays, many users are more interested in videos than photos. A lot of videos shared around social media are relatable. They intrigue users and have more chances of going viral.

This new tool is a new means for you to advertise your brand. If the content of your video is funny or sad enough for the users to share, your customers will increase. More people will know your brand. And they may include potential buyers.

More traffic to your website

With the Video Website Card, you don’t need to add the link to your website. The video already contains the URL. So now, your site is just a click or a tap away.

More users will visit your website because it’s convenient. They don’t have to go to another tab and search for it anymore. Your site will get more traffic, and you can profit from it through ads. Thank the Video Website Card for that.

Increase online purchases

According to Twitter, the Video Website Card attained higher purchase rates than the older features. Since it is easy for Twitter users to visit your site, online purchases will increase. The convenience is a motivating factor for them to buy the product.

The video itself is also a driving factor. When the audience emotionally invests in it, they become encouraged to purchase.

Start using Twitter’s Video Website Card now!

This new feature is a big help to you. And I don’t see any reason for you to disregard this tool. In fact, I see it as one way to improve your business sales rate. You can’t ignore it when it helps you with your brand.

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