Trolls vs Upset Customers on Social Media

Running a business on social media as part of your strategy is by no means easy. Not only do you have to keep your customers satisfied, but you also have to deal with those who aren’t and those who just want to see you burn (internet trolls) – upsetting, right? I know great customer service and rapport is essential to keep your business afloat. That is why it is crucial that you handle every customer who’s having a hard time with your product or service. However, with trolls here and there, how do you which one is upset and which one is merely a troll?

Trolls vs Upset Customers on Social Media Trolls vs Upset Customers on Social Media

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Upset Customers on Social Media – Spotting Them Easy

Let’s start with the more serious and valuable one to spend your time on, real and unhappy customers. Why start with them? Merely because they’re the ones who can actually make an impact on other clients, and they’re the ones who you can convert and generate more money. If you can help them with their concerns, you can get a paying customer back. Moreover, they’re likely to provide a great feedback if you can successfully resolve their problems, which in turn will likely become free advertising and improve your reliability.

So, How Do You Know If It’s an Upset Customer?

The first thing is their rant is not going to be about your business as a whole. It will be about your product or service in particular. Look for signs of being specific and not just the typical naysay. Most of the time, they’ll narrate what happened and what made them upset – the typical situations are delayed packaged, no follow-up reports or updates, and defected products. See if the commenter or messenger particularly mentioned any of these. That’s because it’s likely that they are paying customers. Furthermore, always reach out to them. And if they reply instantly, you should see them venting out their bad experience first but will soon ask for help. If they do that, it’s very likely that they truly are one of your customers and it would be more than a privilege to assist them.

How About Trolls?

Trolls are more likely one sentence or few word naysayers. They don’t have anything, in particular, to tell about except pure negativity. You should expect that even though your product or service is superb, they’ll say something completely unrealistic or too imaginative. This is easy to solve on social media as you can simply block them or choose to hide their comments. Don’t worry about it so much because as long as you do not reply and ignore it, they’ll simply lose interests. Trolls are driven by attention, and if you give it to them, they will continue trolling. Also, just remember that they have no proof to back their claims and they won’t make an effort to reply to you when you reach out professionally.

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