Top 13 Visual Content Marketing Facts in 2017

Nothing is more reassuring than numbers – as they say, numbers do not lie. That is why it’s imperative that when improving your business using visual content marketing through social media or by any means, you should know how effective they are and their chances of providing you engagement and conversion. If you think clear enough, no matter how good your hunch is on a particular strategy or marketing tactic, it’s still a hunch – it’s based solely on your feeling. But when statistics say that this particular content marketing strategy can increase your followers by 12% compared to another, it’s likely to be true as these numbers do come from studying those that have already done it.

Top 13 Visual Content Marketing Facts Of 2017 1 Top 13 Visual Content Marketing Facts in 2017

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13 Visual Content Marketing Facts to Guide You

  1. This year, 2017, about 74% of all traffic comes from video content. Making it a very good strategy to invest in making quality videos for your business.
  2. About 74% of social media entrepreneurs use visual assets more than for their blogs.
  3. About 37% of successful online marketers said visual content marketing is their primary and most effective means of engaging their consumers.
  4. 1 out of 4 consumers would directly decline a company without any video presentation. And up to 4 times more consumers would gladly know a product through video rather than text.
  5. Using the word “video” in email marketing increases its open rate by about 19% and its clickthrough rate by 65%.
  6. Facebook users prefer to watch live videos 3 times more compared to original videos.
  7. People only remember 10% of information from what they’ve seen or heard. But when combined with significant images, they’ll likely remember about 65% of it.
  8. More than 60% of online entrepreneurs are planning to increase their visual output, specifically on videos, before the end of 2017. This means you have to prepare for more competition.
  9. People tend to focus greatly on images with significant information such as infographics or any image with captions within the image itself.
  10. Infographics are the fastest type of content to be shared on social media. It is shared about 3 times more compared to any other type.
  11. “How to” content gets more engagement – about 3 times more – when they have appropriate images with the instructions.
  12. Posts and tweets with images are likely to get twice more engagement rather those without.
  13. Videos on Facebook are often watched without sound – 85% of the time. It would be best that you’d place subtitles to avoid viewers from getting discouraged to continue watching.

Infographic vector created by Newelement – Freepik.com

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