Three Things That Possibly Make Twitter as Your Main Marketing Platform

According to Business Insider, Twitter is a part of the top 11 most popular social media platforms in 2017. There are currently 328 million users that have registered this year, and the number is still growing. And more than half of these users usually tweet about the things they do every day.

But Twitter isn’t a network for you to only share your daily activities. It’s also a great social media platform for you to make your brand known. Small businesses that have realized this fact have started incorporating Twitter to increase their position in the market. And bigger brands also make use of Twitter to improve their game further.

Five Things That Possibly Make Twitter as Your Main Marketing Platform Three Things That Possibly Make Twitter as Your Main Marketing Platform

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What makes Twitter a great marketing platform?

If you’re an entrepreneur and you wish to grow your business, you should definitely use Twitter. Here’s a list of specific reasons why you should use it to expand your own brand:

Good for any type of content

If you aren’t sure what kind of content to use or if you want to use more than one, you don’t have to worry about it when it comes to Twitter. A textual post won’t be ignored by other users because the site is optimized for texts in the first place. Visual content such as images and videos won’t be disregarded as well as Twitter loves this type of content, too.

Textual content usually gets ignored by Facebook users and isn’t applicable on Instagram, but Twitter users think the other way around. Twitter is indeed flexible. Whatever you want or choose to post, it won’t matter when you use Twitter.

Provides customer knowledge

In Twitter, not only can you share information on your products and services but also discover and gain data from your customers. Twitter has a channel that allows them to give their feedbacks, suggestions, and everything they think and feel regarding your business. What they say about your brand (positive or negative) shouldn’t just be a comment but rather a tool to help you improve and step up your game.

Gives advantage over competitors

Twitter provides essential information about your rivals. This information will guide you on what to do and what not do. Use the criticisms of their products and services to make you stand out. That way, you don’t just get the chance upgrade your goods but also gain new customers.

Start making Twiter as your main platform now!

You don’t need to be a professional or an expert to start using Twitter. It’s easy, convenient, and doesn’t require tons of effort just to provide content. If you have a new business and want to promote it effectively, setting up an account on Twitter is a wise choice. Just make sure you’re going to be spamming around, do things authentically and provide value to become successful.

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