Three Quick Ways to Generate Great Social Media Content

One of the most common problems we all have when it comes to marketing online is content creation. Sometimes, we just run out of ideas for our social media content. And to tell you honestly, I also experience this kind of problem. However, fret not as I have three quick ways to get over it and have something to post in no time.

Three Quick Ways to Generate Great Social Media Content Three Quick Ways to Generate Great Social Media Content

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Three Social Media Content Creation Techniques to Save More Time

Set the “Benefits”

One of the easiest ways to create new content (whether written form or graphic) is to show them the benefits of anything. In my case, as a social media expert, writing the benefits of social media doesn’t take a lot of time. And to broaden that idea further, I can go into specifics by merely narrowing broader topics.

So, social media is a lot of things, such as its platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or it can be about marketing or self-branding. As long as it is part of a big topic, I can write an article or create an infographic that’s focused on its benefits.

Improve or Update Old Articles

Another one that doesn’t take too much brainstorming is recycling old ideas. However, instead of just rewriting them and making them look new, why not actually improve them and make them something worth reading in present time. Update the facts, include new elements, remove the useless parts, and simply make it better than before.

However, don’t pick content that’s still a month or two old. Make sure it really is old – like more than six months or a year would be good choice. And, always change the title and give it a new angle. The best thing about it is that it won’t be as long as creating a new one as you’re not starting from scrap.

Make Use of Your Personal Experience to Create “How-to” Content

Last but not least that you can easily make for your social media content are how-tos. Basically, it is an article or infographic about how to do something. In whatever niche you’re in, you can always share some of your expertise on the matter. You can share how you do things when it comes to a particular process. It can be anything, from how to lose weight (your version of how you did it) or how to fix a draw a realistic face. As long as you can share what you know about a particular process, it’s good to go. Just take this article for example, how to generate great social media content, only in a different title.

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