Strategic Commenting on Social Media – How and Why It Works

As everyone knows, one of the fastest ways to connect with other accounts on almost any social media platform is through commenting – may it be on their profile picture, cover, or posts. But did you know that it can be a means to grow your followers or audience on social media exponentially? It’s called “strategic commenting,” and it’s a way for you and everyone else to gain more exposure.

Strategic Commenting on Social Media How and Why It Works Strategic Commenting on Social Media - How and Why It Works

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What Is Strategic Commenting?

Basically, it’s just a comment on a post. However, you don’t do it on any post, and its contents should be more sophisticated than normal. It’s a comment that gains the attention of other users in the comment section by providing them something that will enhance the post itself or will help them understand it better. This social media strategy requires a lot of research but makes a lot of impacts.

If you’ve noticed, comments on Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms when voted or liked a lot will go to the top. It exposes the account and the comment simultaneously, which may potentially lead to a profile visit. So, the primary objective is to get your comment a lot of likes to improve its exposure and increase the chance of getting a visit – which may lead to getting new followers once they get to see your page/profile.

How Do You Do It?

First of all, strategic commenting depends on the niche you’re currently in. Take note that your niche is your primary limiter and should avoid going outside of it. Search for posts (preferably new ones with a lot of likes but fewer comments) with regards to your expertise in your niche. Comment something that can help improve the post entirely or reply to a question in the comment section. Don’t just be the average Joe and say how nice the post is. Provide your insights and suggestion. Furthermore, if possible, add an image to catch everyone’s attention quickly.

Refrain from going outside your niche or totally relevant as it may damage your reputation and they may question your page’s credibility instead of actually following or liking it. As much as possible, make your comment long enough to answer all the “WH” questions – of course, only when necessary. But make the first few lines catchy enough to keep them reading, so they’ll be sure to hit the “see more” button.

This strategy works on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and even on blogs. The aim is to purely help others as much as possible, and everything else will come along.  Be authentic and don’t do it just to expose your profile.

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