Selling Online – How to Make It Work with Social Media

Quick fact: About 71% of consumers who’ve had a great social media experience from brands will be likelier to recommend it to family and friends. Patronization is the word here, and people who love the service will surely be loyal to your brand entirely. Thus, it will result in more sales and an organic increase in consumers.

So, how do you provide a great social media service experience to your consumers? Or, better yet, how do you make sales online through the help of social media? All the answers are right here in this article; enjoy reading as you learn a thing or two.


Make them See Your Product/Service’s Value

First, if you want to sell, you can’t simply force someone to buy it just because you’re selling it. It needs to be done according to their will. And, to make that more likely to happen, they need to clearly see that what you’re selling is something of value to them. Try to showcase your product by giving away free visuals, audios, info-graphics, videos, eBooks, and other downloadable content that can help them understand what you are trying to sell and why they should have it in their lives.

People don’t go for what is for sale, but what they think is needed or what they want. So, instead of selling it through numbers and plain display… let them see that you have what they want. Make them feel they need it. You can provide all of that through content such as eBooks or online videos (in exchange for their email address, name, and contact information), which can be accessed through social media channels.

Consistency Is Key

This may sound obvious, yet many fail at this. Make sure you are consistent in what you do to share your content and reach out to as many people as you can. Also, don’t just favor one social media platform and ignore the rest or give 80% on Facebook and just 20% on Twitter – it has to be even and consistent to show your consumers you are well organized, and you truly want to reach people. Another thing is that you should be responsive as much as possible. Always make time to read messages and reply to them promptly. This makes your consumers feel you care.

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Do Not Be Afraid to Ask for Feedback

One of the most common mistakes that small businesses do is to ignore feedback. Why? This is because they think feedback is always a negative thing. Well, some is, but that’s what makes you stronger. Knowing where you are weak at will allow you to improve. When someone comments something negative, don’t just ignore and delete it, answer it and show them you are capable of improving and offering them compensation. The more often you do this, the more people give you their trust.

Study and Measure Your Social Media Activity

Last but not least is to simply study your social media activity. Each platform provides you insights, analytics, and/or statistics on how well your profile/brand is currently performing. It will show you your most avid audience and their location. Do not ignore it! Read it and study it, then make use of what you’ve learned and take advantage of it. If you see activity is high during certain hours with a specific area with this type of age group, then engage during that time the most – that simple.

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