What is Scoperchat and what can I do with it?

Many of you asked me what is Scoperchat? Take it as a kind of live monitoring tool for your periscope broadcasts. You can see every live activity of your viewers. Sounds cool? It is. For the first time, I can see the profile photos of my viewers on a big screen while they are engaging with me. Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions so far:

How does Scoperchat work?

Go to Scoperchat.com, enter the keyword “Gorilla” and paste the link to your broadcast. The easiest way to get your link by tweeting it out when you start your broadcast and then going to your Twitter profile and copying it.

Is Scoperchat free?

Right now it is free. I reached out to the founder, and he told me that he plans to keep it that way.

What is the benefit of Scoperchat?

Your viewers will find it rewarding to see themselves, and this will increase the engagement of your broadcast. Next to it, there are tons of use cases like starting competitions, which will give you the most hearts, taking screenshots or entering specific comments. Another great aspect is starting live polls. You can ask your viewers to enter the number 1 if they liked today´s topic and number 2 if they don´t or how often they have visited your broadcast so far. You will see below the comments and the results of your poll. Have fun with it and leave your ideas as comments below this post.

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