Why Preparing Takeaways When Live Streaming Is Crucial

As you all know, one of the most popular and efficient ways to broadcast valuable content on the internet is by live streaming. Periscope made it famous, Facebook has it, now even YouTube is on it, and other huge social media platform is creating their version of it. This course of actions just proves how flourishing it is. However, many live streamers are having a rough time at being successful at it. Why is that? The answer is simple; they just fail to provide value even though they want to.

Why Preparing Takeaways When Live Streaming Is Crucial Why Preparing Takeaways When Live Streaming Is Crucial

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The Best Way to Assure delivering Value to Your Audience: Takeaways

One way that will significantly make your viewers stay until the end of your stream is if you prepare and focus on the takeaways of your topic right away. Make them in advance so that you’ll be sure to remember and discuss them during your stream.

See, most people nowadays are very busy – they just don’t have the time to listen to your day. Sorry, but that’s the truth. Most people that are watching you talking about something else, aside from what you’re supposed to be talking about, will get discouraged and leave.

I know sometimes it’s unavoidable to discuss a thing or two that’s off the topic. But make sure that you limit it as much as you can and go back to the discussion. A lot of viewers come in late. And if the first thing they hear for the first 30 seconds is you talking about how great your lunch was, they’ll leave. If your stream is a product review, stick to it. Remember, you can always speak of the non-vital things in a different stream.

Give them the takeaways when live streaming at the very start. Tell them what they’ll get from viewing your stream entirely. Provide them subtopics just like how you read books with chapters in them, so they’ll know what they’ll learn.

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