Simple yet Powerful Tips to Improve Your Overall Performance on Periscope

Live streaming is now bigger than ever – especially when it’s a feature made available to almost every social media platform. But let’s face it. Periscope still has the most active users when it comes to live-streaming. Though Facebook Live shows a huge number of viewers from streams, it’s not really the main strength and quality of the platform. People don’t log in to Facebook just to watch live videos. However, people logging in on Periscope are.

Simple yet Powerful Tips to Improve Your Overall Performance on Periscope Simple yet Powerful Tips to Improve Your Overall Performance on Periscope

That’s why I still believe that the best platform to broadcast live videos is Periscope as almost everyone on the app is there to watch live videos. Thus, your live streams get better attention – and perform evenly. And to further get more attention, exposure, followers, and overall performance, here are a few simple yet powerful tips.

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Optimize Your Periscope Profile

Forgive me if I’m repeating this in almost every tip, but that’s just the most effective way to increase your total performance. It starts with you – and in the online world, you means a profile or bio. Where else would people look for info about you?

This is why it is crucial that you improve and make use of your bio as much as possible. To do that, you must:

  • Use keywords that best describe who you are and what your scopes are all about.
  • Use a friendly picture that you use in all other social media profiles.
  • Place a link – this is the only place where Periscope allows a clickable link.

If you’ve got that right, you’ll gain more followers and a better conversion rate as links are fairly rare in Periscope. Trust me, I’ve seen a lot of profiles and most of them are either blank or provides an essay.

Create Persuasive Titles

The second tip that I strongly ask of you is to take a lot of time in creating titles that are appealing and persuasive enough to make users check it out. Just think of it as an invitation. A dull and boring invitation would be something like: “Please, come in.” However, a persuasive title would be something like: “Come in and enjoy our social media class – success is within your reach.”

Of course, the second invitation catches more attention than the first one. That’s because the second one tells what you’ll get from coming in, and it has a certain promise at the end. This is the same with Scope titles. People need to know what they’ll get if they watch your videos – live or replay.

Here are two effective ways – I personally use as well – to create a persuasive title that catches attention:

  • Go directly to the point: You can create titles that simply tell what your scope is about. Most of the time, I actually do this. “How to Gain 1000 Followers on Twitter” is one of my more recent scopes that performed really well.
  • Make it exclusive: Another way of making sure you catch attention is to provide an exclusive title that somewhat showcases something more personal about you or what you do. “1st Behind the Scenes of My Periscope Studio in 360” gave me 36 thousand views!

Announce and Share on Your Social Media Channels

Another thing that you should keep in practice is to always share your scopes whenever possible. Though you have the option to turn on Twitter sharing, this shouldn’t limit you from posting it elsewhere, such as Facebook.

Also, if you want to have even more engagement, try to announce it at least a few hours before broadcasting. This gives your fans time to prepare and set a specific time just for you. Announce it on all your platforms and be consistent with this.

And, if ever you plan on not broadcasting on a specific day, inform them as well. This shows that you care enough to not waste their time expecting a broadcast.

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