New Feature on Instagram Allows You to Save the Expired Stories You Like

Instagram Stories is one of the popular and successful features the app introduced in 2016. About a year after its release, Instagram upgrades the feature by adding a tool to it – archiving Stories. The system will automatically save this ephemeral content after it has expired to a part of your profile.

New Feature on Instagram Allows You to Save the Expired Stories You Like New Feature on Instagram Allows You to Save the Expired Stories You Like

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Why does Instagram allow archiving Stories now?

The main purpose behind archiving Stories wasn’t upgrading the original feature. Instead, they wanted to fix the misalignment of the functions between the profile and Stories. Instagram Stories have been representing the lives of the users, which is actually the role of the profile. If the profile displays the Stories, then it can fulfill its task – be the place where users express who they are.

Will all your previous Stories be public?

When Instagram saves your Stories, they place them in a private part of your profile. Only you can view them unless you make them available to the public by creating a highlight. One highlight doesn’t make all your Stories viewable to other uses. Only those you selected will be made accessible.

How can archiving stories help you?

If you’re using Instagram for personal connections with other people, the benefits you can gain from saved stories are the following:

Expressing your identity

A single photo can’t give people enough information to know who you truly are. Because of that, you might have a tendency to post a picture every minute, which is quite annoying. And when people are annoyed, they’ll be more focused on how much of a bother you are than on your update.

Instead of uploading ten photos every 30 minutes, add a new Story every day. Instagram automatically saves Stories that will be displayed in your profile. That way, users will see you from different angles without being irked.

Updating Instagram-inactive friends of your daily life

If you and your friends live far apart, you can’t avoid being curious about each other’s lives. You might be mainly using Instagram Stories to show how you are doing. But what if they’re not active on Instagram and prefer other social media platforms? For certain, they will miss a day’s event.

However, the archive allows them to click on a particular date to see what happened. So they can view the Stories they missed because Instagram saves such content after the expiration.

If your account is for business purposes, the benefit you will acquire is:

Presenting previous advertisements

Advertising new products using Instagram Stories is an effective marketing strategy. But its 24-hour-only exposure doesn’t really help in increasing product visibility. But when they are saved and displayed in the profile, existing and new customers will see them when they visit your account.




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