How to Market Your YouTube Videos Effectively

YouTube is one of those social media platforms that can significantly boost your business presence, or it can be a means to make money out of it (independently). There is, however, one condition that you have to meet, and that is if your videos become popular. And when I say popular, it’s gaining more than a hundred thousand views. Let me tell you right now that it’s not, by all means, easy. It requires time and a lot of effort, but if you’re up to it, then continue reading and learn how to market your YouTube videos effectively.

How to Market Your YouTube Videos Effectively How to Market Your YouTube Videos Effectively

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Five Effective Ways on How to Market Your YouTube Videos

Start Sharing with Your Real-life Friends and Family

One of the most common mistakes new YouTubers make is hiding their videos from family and friends. Always share your videos with them first, even if it feels quite awkward or somewhat embarrassing. They can help you gain quick views, likes, and shares in an instant. And don’t just limit it to friends and family, try colleagues or previous clients as well. You’ll be surprised as to how effective it is and how supportive they are. It is even possible that they alone could actually bring you to heights, so never ignore them.

Always Have an Accurate Video Title

Create compellingly detailed titles that catch attention and entertain. Make use of keyword(s) that best describes the video, helping you get generic views. Also, never forget to place tags and utilize the description field as much as possible. Write something about the video without giving away everything – be creative and be bold.

Have a Call-to-Action at the Start or End of the Video

Another fairly disregarded means to get more engagement is to simply ask them for it. Have a call-to-action. You just have to tell them to support you (ask them for likes, more views, and shares) as most viewers actually forget to do that even if they truly like your video. So, ask them to share and like your video, and that’s simply it. You can either say it or just edit your video to have a floating text for them to read it. You can even put it on your video description field.

Promote Your Videos on Your Social Media Accounts (All of Them)

Never forget the power of social media and its ability to expose and make something viral. Share it on both personal and business account as much as possible. As long as your accounts aren’t empty with connections, it’s more than an amazing way to market your YouTube Videos.

Embed Your Videos on Your Blog or Website

Last but not least on this list is to embed your videos and make use of them on your blog or website. That way, you don’t have to market the video alone but also the blog or website, too. It’s easy, and it’s just like hitting two birds with one stone.

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