What Location-based Snaps Can Now Do for You — Context Cards

Snapchat presented its new feature, which is the Context Cards. Context Cards allows you to explore publicly shared stories. So basically, it is designed for users to learn more about a Snap.

But what’s so great about having more information on a Snap? Will it save you from inconvenience?

What Location based Snaps Can Now Do for You What Location-based Snaps Can Now Do for You -- Context Cards

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Access to restaurant reviews

From the comfort of your own bed, you can now plan your next restaurant to visit. You don’t need to look for review sites anymore. With Snapchat’s Context Cards, you can read the reviews of other users by only one swipe.

Access to restaurant menu

What’s better than seeing the interior of a restaurant? It’s seeing the food they offer. And this is also found in the Context Cards. You will see the View Menu button and check if the food they offer suits your taste. You don’t have to suffer eating food you dislike through the help of this new feature.

Restaurant reservation

So you see a Snap of a wonderful restaurant, and you’ve decided to visit. What do you do? Do you go to a website and search for instructions? Are you sure you’ll see reliable directions? Why don’t you use Context Cards? You neither have to do an inconvenient task nor worry. All you need to do is swipe up and you will see the Make a Reservation button.

Snap location

Thanks to Context Cards, you don’t need to search every time you want to know where a Snap was taken. You also don’t need to ask around. With only your finger, you will know the location. Swipe up and you will see a map indicating the location of the Snap.

Venue directions

Are you one of those people who like to visit new places you see on Snapchat? Now, you can do this in an easier way. With the help of Context Cards, you can see directions on how to get to your desired location.

Operation hours

If you don’t know when the place you’d like to visit opens and closes, Context Cards can help you. This feature also includes the working hours. It usually tells the closing time and uses this phrase: Open until 2 pm.

Company contact number

Sometimes, we look for details that aren’t specified in the company’s Snap. But you don’t have to worry. With Context Cards, your questions are one swipe away from being answered. When you swipe up on the story, it’ll display the contact number of the company.

Start using Context Cards now!

Context Cards are too useful for you to disregard. With one swipe up, you can see different buttons that have different purposes. And they all are beneficial to you.


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