When Should Live Streaming Be a Priority in Your Strategy

With the current trend, I think it’s safe to assume that everyone reading this is familiar with live streaming. Facebook has it, Periscope started it, and every other social media platform is boasting it. The way I see it, it’s not just a means to share a live video, it’s a gold mine that can provide any business with an undeniably powerful advantage. As promising as it is, however, it’s not for every business – just because you can go live doesn’t mean that it will work as great as how celebrities use it.

When Should Live Streaming Be a Priority in Your Strategy When Should Live Streaming Be a Priority in Your Strategy

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Two Questions You Need to Answer Before Considering Live Streaming on Social Media for Your Business

Can You Easily Demonstrate Everything About Your Product or Service in Front of a Camera?

First and foremost, can you showcase your product or service? Let’s start with content, the one you can throw at your audience at any given time – product or service demonstration. Of course, the purpose here is to inform and educate your audience, what your product or service can do for them. If you can’t even show them the product or service well enough, then don’t do it. Think about doing a live stream doing haircuts. First and foremost, it takes too much time to complete. Secondly, it’s just about cutting hair.

What’s important on the latter is the before and after effects – the results. An image or a sped up video would do better rather than a live video when it comes to cutting hair. On the other hand, a live video about a product that can provide immediate results such as a waterproofing spray can be demonstrated in seconds and will take a few minutes to provide why and how it works. It’s amusing and at the same time educational – which is what most people want in a live stream that comes from brands.

Can You Provide Guest in Your Live Stream?

Believe it or not, having someone else when live streaming can greatly convince people the legitimacy of what you’re offering. Why? They provide a different perspective that doesn’t come from the individuals who are providing it such as you. Thus, it makes the show neutral in some way and doesn’t make it look like you are hard selling. At the same time, it gives your audience a chance to ask the guest questions and opinions, which makes the live stream more entertaining. Although it doesn’t mean you need to have a guest around always, it can still be a great boost especially for the early stages of your launch.

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