Why Knowing Your Customers’ Needs Is a Priority

One of the biggest mistakes that most entrepreneurs make is not knowing exactly what their customers’ needs and wants. I know that some of you might just be eager in selling a product to earn money. But by ignoring what they want and need – even if it means modifying your product or somehow lowering its price – selling will just be plain difficult. So, how do you know your customers’ needs and wants through social media? Here’s how:

Why Knowing Your Customers’ Needs Is a Priority Why Knowing Your Customers’ Needs Is a Priority

Top Three Social Media Tactics to Know Your Customers’ Needs

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Do a Facebook Reactions Poll

One of today’s most popular means to have a quick review on what your customers’ need or want is through Facebook Reactions Poll. You can simply do this by posting an image where there are options. Be creative about it and give them something that they can choose upon with regards to your product or service.

Take for example you want to see which aspect of your product or service they love the most:

  • Like = Price
  • Heart = Quality
  • Wow = Delivery

Knowing which reaction gets the most clicks shows that it is what they love. However, seeing the lowest shows that that aspect should be improved – and by improving it, you get better reviews.

You can be creative about it and use other options rather than the one I’ve given above. If you want to be more specific, go for it.

Do a Live Stream on Periscope or Facebook Live

Another thing that you can do to know what your customers want is by doing a live stream. The primary purpose of it is to simply conduct a survey. You can ask them what they think about your product and what they believe should be improved to make them recommend it to others. Not only are you building a more personal rapport, but you are also getting engagement and knowing particular details on how they see your product. Also, never forget to end it with a call-to-action to make the most of it.

Post an Image on Instagram with Your Product and Ask Them to Rate It

Last but not least is to post your product on Instagram and ask them to rate it honestly. This way, you’ll know how great your current product is while getting a lot of engagement on your image. Once you know how well the product is from your customers’ perspective, do a follow-up by asking them what should be changed or improved on your product (if they rated it poorly). However, be creative about it and ask them to upload their suggestions by editing the image and then posting it on their profile using your brand’s signature hashtag. Not only will you get more exposure, but you’ll also see their needs and wants easily by simply using social media.

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