Four Elements of a Winner Facebook Ad

To be honest, when it comes to advertising, nothing can compare to Facebook. Why? The obvious reason is because of the sheer number of users – a whopping 1.86 billion people. To give you perspective, if you turn Facebook into a country, it would be 500 million bigger than China with a more diverse culture. And the not-so-obvious reason is due to its powerful data collection from every user. So, if your Facebook ad targets the right people properly, there’s no doubt that your money won’t go to waste. However, to further increase the odds of an ideal ROI (return on investment), you need to produce a winner Facebook ad. Here’s how.

Four Elements of a Winner Facebook Ad Four Elements of a Winner Facebook Ad

The Four Elements of Every Successful Facebook Ad

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The Visuals

The best thing about visuals is that Facebook’s algorithm ranks it better. A Facebook ad with visuals will always have better exposure. In addition, people always remember visuals better than written content. This is why it is crucial to spend a lot of time creating good visuals for your Facebook ad. Ignoring this can cause you to limit your overall potential reach.

The Relevancy

The next thing that you need to be sure of is the relevancy of your ads to your target audience. Remember, you decide who to hit your ads. It is your choice. And when you provide them a Facebook ad that resembles no interest to them, you’re in trouble. So, if you aim to impress people who are interested in sports, don’t show them cooking or anything about cooking – go for sports only, of course. This is one of the most common mistakes most advertisers make. If you can target very specific users and show them what they love, then go for it as it will yield better results.

The Offer

This is the part where users decide whether they want to do anything about it or not. It’s the part where you entice your audience to clicking your Facebook ad. It can be as simple as a discount or a bonus – or anything that you think will produce clicks. So, one good example is this: “These all-time favorite sports gear are currently 30% off!”

As an added tip, do make it realistic and never disappoint your audience. If they did click because of the discount, make sure that these products are indeed on sale. Also, try avoiding lines that are too good or too arrogant such as “These are the best sports gear in the world.” Most of the time, people don’t see anything interested about these ads as it is overused and unrealistic.

The Call-to-Action

Last but not least is the call-to-action. All winner Facebook ads should definitely have one. Though you have the offer, the ending should still have something to provoke action or they’ll just be checking out the product and not buying it. A great call-to-action can be a pressure message, something like “Buy now and get an extra 10% off! This offer only lasts today!”

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