Four Absolutely Wrong Facebook Ads Practices You Should Avoid

When it comes to promoting a product, service, or an update on Facebook ads, there are certain don’ts that you should know. Well, these aren’t the ones set by Facebook, but they are the ones made by experts to help your ad become more successful and avoid wasting good money. In my opinion, there are five things that one should never do when it comes to setting or at the launching stages of their ads.

Four Absolutely Wrong Facebook Ads Practices You Should Avoid Four Absolutely Wrong Facebook Ads Practices You Should Avoid

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Four Facebook Ads You Should Never Do

Launching Without a Well-defined Goal

The first practice that I find annoyingly wrong is when you don’t have a goal. And I’m not talking about just any goal; I’m talking about the specific ones that can be met by your advertising efforts. A long-term goal is totally different from short-term goal. Although they are trying to attain something good for you and your business, they have separate principles and actions that need to be attained.

What you want before launching is having both types of goals and be specific as much as possible. Long-term goals are easy to make compared to short-term. However, when it comes to Facebook ads, short-term goals play a huge part, so better prepare a short-term goal on hand before starting. Think about what your ad is all about and what can you get from it if you ended it successfully. Furthermore, think about why this goal, in particular, is prioritized first and its impact.

Using Low-quality, Mediocre Design Images

Let me just stop you right there, double or triple check your image. Ask a friend, a family member, or a random stranger to rate how great is the design and quality of your image. One of the biggest factors of why some ads fail is because the image they use is substandard. If you plan on having a high budget for a low budget image, it’s just the same as buying an expensive gun but loading it with toy bullets – it won’t hit the target. So, always make sure that your image or video is something that everyone can appreciate. These types of graphics exist, the only thing you need to do is to put some muscle and be patient.

Targeting a Wide Range of Audience

Even if you disagree with me, my opinion still stands that targeting a wide range of audience is one of the worst practices. Your brand, no matter how big and how many types of products you provide will still have a difficult time marketing all of that in one picture. The same goes to marketing one product to the entire world with just one shot. Remember that your ad, when launched to random strangers, will get random results. However, if you hit it to people who are only interested in that product will yield predictable, promising results. That’s because you’re selling it to those who actually want it. You’re no longer trying to convince someone they need it as they already know that. That’s why it’s always better to sell to a specific group as much as possible. Remember, if you aim small, you miss small.

Launching Your Ad Campaign Full Power Right Away

Believe it or not, people often make the mistake of skipping the trial period. Even though you did everything above, and you made sure things are going smoothly in the preparation phase, there is still no guarantee that your ad will be successful. However, there is the probability. And by testing your ads first, you are able to increase your chances of success. That’s because you can see a bit of reaction and simply tweak it for the better as time goes by. Once you get the hunch that everyone likes it, it’s a good sign that all your tweaks have finally paid off and you can now set your budget higher.



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