Facebook Bot – Its Big Trend and Benefits

Many entrepreneurs use social media as a primary means to expand their businesses. But here’s the thing, the internet is overwhelmed with users. This sheer population hinders a lot of brands to communicate with their customers properly without affecting others. To help you understand what I mean, businesses online receive a lot of messages; some of them are more important than others. These not-so-important ones sometimes become forgotten. And when that happens, they rate your brand negatively and you lose a potential customer.

Fortunately, Facebook has made it available for you to create a chatbot to converse with your customers. The chatbot is created using Facebook’s Wit.ai Bot, so it is optimized to increase its conversational capacity. After every interaction, your bot could learn from its conversation with your customers.

Facebook Bot Its Big Trend and Benefits Facebook Bot – Its Big Trend and Benefits

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Communicating with the customers

Clients prefer companies that are ready to answer all of their questions anytime and anywhere. But you can’t possibly be available all the time (especially when there are vital matters to attend to). Chatbots are the solution to this problem.

You don’t have to check your account for concerns every minute. You also don’t need to sacrifice your sleep to reply to customers. The Facebook bot will converse with them and provide the information they need in your stead.

Natural language processing

Many slangs you use in your daily life originate from the internet. Users create their own terms and use jargons. How will the chatbots interpret the message then?

Through natural language processing, bots understand the difference between two sentences with identical words.

Facebook Bot has the ability to become smarter

As I have mentioned, the chatbots are created using Facebooks Wit.ai Bot Engine. The system gives the bot two important features: understanding the conversation and learning from it.

You don’t need to upgrade your Facebook bot every now and then because the bot is self-learning. The more interactions the bot makes, the more knowledge it acquires. But, of course, this learning ability doesn’t mean you should ditch the necessary updates.

Interpreting user intent

Interpreting the intention of the customers is one way that chatbots understand what they exactly want to know and do.

Although creating an FAQ page is good, it can’t provide specific information. For example, if your customers want to know how to wash the shoes they bought from you, the FAQ page is too vague. The shoes you sell vary in composition, and not all types of shoes are to be washed the same way.

A static page cannot understand user intent but chatbots can. Aside from conversing with the customers, your chatbot has the ability to know the intention behind their messages. Thus, they can provide what your customer truly need.

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