Everything You Need to Know When Adding Guests to Instagram Live Stream Videos

Instagram launched the live video streaming feature last year. After its release, Instagram’s team of developers has already started to look for ways to make the tool better. And a year from its launching, it now has an upgraded version. And that version now allows you to add guests to your live stream.

Everything You Need to Know When Adding Guests to Instagram Live Stream Videos Everything You Need to Know When Adding Guests to Instagram Live Stream Videos

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What do I mean by inviting guests to a live broadcast?

When you add guests, you don’t invite them to a one-on-one live stream. Instead, you invite them to be your live stream partner. When the user accepts your invite, the screen will split into two. One part is for you, and the other is for your partner. Other viewers will then see the both of you.

How to add guests to your live stream?

To help you invite live stream partners, here are simple steps for you to follow:

Go live

First and foremost, you need to start a live video. Swipe towards the right and the stories camera tab will be displayed. The default is the Normal setting. If you want to change the settings to live video stream, you just have to swipe towards the right again. Swipe right until it reaches the Live setting. Then tap the Start Live Video button.

Wait for viewers

Now that you’ve started streaming live, you’ll have to wait for viewers. You can’t invite users into your broadcast unless they’re watching it.

You don’t have to worry about telling your friends that you’re currently live streaming. Instagram notifies users who haven’t turned off their live video notifications. So it’s probably that you’ll have a few spectators soon enough.


If you have at least one viewer, you can now start adding your live stream partner. Tap the smiley faces found in the bottom right corner. It will display the viewers watching your broadcast. Tap the viewer you want to invite.

Why you should add guests to your broadcast

Now that you know how to invite a live broadcast partner, you should know what you get out of it.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you should definitely use this feature. That’s because your audience will feel more comfortable with you. And if they feel at ease with you, it’s easier for you to gain their trust.

This tool is also helpful to social media marketer and influencers. New type of content always attracts new followers and customers. Also, it’s a feature that has very low risk of making people dislike you.

Even if you’re just a typical user, you can still benefit from adding guests to your live stream. You can have a digital hangout with your friends. Furthermore, you spread good vibes to other viewers as well and encourage them to do the same.

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