Eight things to avoid doing on social media for your business

Social media plays a crucial role in marketing in your business. Both established and new brands use social media marketing to expand and gain more profit. While it is likelier for you to succeed utilizing it, you’re still at risk of a significant loss if you commit some mistakes. And even if it was accidentally done, a mistake could make you lose reach and decrease your customers drastically.

To help your social media marketing efforts not go to waste, I’ve compiled a list of mistakes you should avoid doing for your brand.

Things to Avoid Doing on Social Media for Your Busines Eight things to avoid doing on social media for your business

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Using only one platform

Focusing on one social media platform is a good strategy, but it decreases a high percentage of potential customers from other social networks. Don’t use Facebook alone just because it’s the most popular social network. Many platforms are more industry-appropriate such as Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Using all the platforms

On the other hand, using all the platforms is just like using only one. Although using more social media networks increases your customer base, you can’t manage all the accounts at once – it’s just impossible. Just select the platforms that work best (two is ideal).

Posting without thinking

Sharing content without even thinking about its consequences can harm you as an entrepreneur and as a person. Offensive messages and poorly written content decreases your brand’s credibility. So read and re-read every single post before sharing them.

Responding without ethics

As a business professional, you should know your code of ethics and how to respond to your customers with varying personality. No matter how angry your customers are, always respond with respect because your comments reflect your brand’s integrity.

Not responding to customer concerns

Customers usually share their feedbacks in public so potential consumers can either be encouraged or discouraged. Reply to comments professionally and helpfully to let your audience know you care. Appreciate the good things they say about your brand and resolve anything negative as much as possible.

Posting the same content again and again

Redundantly posting will make your customers see you as lazy, which reduces the influence of your content to your audience. Keep your posts fresh, although it’s good to repeat a few things sometimes, don’t overdo it.

Ignoring visual content

Visual content is the most engaging type of content in social media. Major companies incorporate visuals in advertising their products and services. When you update your business account, add images and videos even if you think it doesn’t need one. This tactic helps your post to become more attractive.

Neglecting your business account

Most customers consider accounts that haven’t updated in a week as inactive. If you have a feed drought, expect a drop in engagement rate and audience. To avoid this, regularly update for at least four times a week to let your audience know you’re still there.


Social media can either be your gate pass to success or your slide to failure. A single mistake can damage your brand’s reputation, a few more mistakes and it might shut it down for good. Manage your business properly, avoid these mistakes and keep hustling.

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