5 Ways to Cross-Promote your Social Media Profiles

There are many different platforms we are using every day from Facebook and Instagram to Snapchat, Periscope, and many more. It ‘s hard to fill all of them with great content, but building up followers is almost impossible if you don´t find ways to cross-promote your platforms.

Here are 5 quick ideas to cross-promote:

1. Q&A: You can ask questions on one platform and tell people the answer on another one.
Example: I ask a question on Facebook and give the answer on Snapchat.

2. Giveaway: You can run a contest with prizes on one account, and people can win it for taking action on another one.
Example: I ask live viewers on Periscope to retweet my latest tweet in the next 15 minutes and draw a winner afterward live. An excellent website for drawing a winner can be found here.

3. Teaser: You can start a story on one account and tell the end on another one.
Example: I explain the first three tips of how to something on Snapchat and will give the last two in the description of my next Facebook post.

4. Keyword technique: That´s a powerful strategy where I place a keyword in the first 5 seconds of a periscope stream which can only be seen by replay viewers, and at the end of my stream, I tell them what they should do with it, so they need to watch the replay again.
Example: I add a keyword in the beginning and explain to them that the first person to mention me with the keyword on Twitter will get a shoutout or another giveaway.

5. Story: You can tell a personal story and explain to your audience they can see a part of it on another channel.
Example: You can share on Periscope that you have finished your latest project today. They can find photos of the result on your Instagram profile.

I built up more than 400,000 followers in the last 12 months, so I can guarantee it will work for you, too. Feel free to use those techniques, and if you like them, please share this post with your followers..

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    • Periscope is pretty new, so that´s probably why but traffic is constantly rising, and I love to help. Thanks a lot for your comment Kyanna.:)

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