Broadcast too full & you can´t comment? Here are 3 ways to get your message out anyway.

Thanks to you, I grow more than 1k followers per day on Periscope. My only problem is that only 100 viewers can comment at the same time. Periscope added this limitation, since it won´t be possible for broadcasters to read all comments, otherwise. I agree this makes sense, but the downside is that I want to ask you questions, and you want to be heard.  Don´t worry, as I have 3 ways to enter any stream and leave your message:

  1. Re-enter a stream: As I described, only the first 100 viewers can comment at the same time, but if one of those first 100 viewers leave a stream, his seat becomes free for another viewer. You might think viewer 101 moves up, but the truth is, the next viewer, which enters his stream will get his seat. This means, all you need to do is to leave a stream and enter it again. According to my experience, you need to repeat this 5-10 times, until you will be able to comment.
  2. Send a tweet: There is a workaround to tweet a broadcaster, without leaving the stream. You need to swipe right on an iOS device or swipe up on an android device. Then you tap on “Share”, tap on “Share on Twitter”, remove the text, and add @username of the person you want to contact (@1alexkhan in my case) + your text. It will be tweeted and the broadcaster gets a notification on twitter.
  3. Use reply: This is probably the fastest way, and hardly anyone knows about it (thx to Katya for sharing).If the broadcast is too full, you simply tap on a comment, tap on reply, remove the username, and you can leave your message (unfortunately, this works only for Android devices).

I hope this helps you next time you enter a full broadcast and want to comment. If you have questions, feel free to leave me a comment here, and please share this post to let your followers know. They will thank you for it.

6 responses to “Broadcast too full & you can´t comment? Here are 3 ways to get your message out anyway.”

  1. Hi Alex, I see a small problem for #2 “Send a tweet:”
    I see a lot of people do have another username for Periscope then for Twitter or they even don’t have a Twitter account. Even some popular guys. Crazy right? 😉

    • Hi Jan,

      that´s unfortunately a true point. Another downside is that some of the broadcasters don´t check twitter often. I will do a blogpost/stream about advantages of using periscope and twitter together soon.

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